2 days ago February 14, 2019

    Valentine’s Day Special: Typing Your Husbands! #EnergyProfilingWithCarol

    Want tips on how to profile your husband more accurately? In this episode of #EnergyProfilingWithCarol, we’re Typing 4 different men.…
    2 days ago February 14, 2019

    Lip Liner With No Feathering or Fading—X Marks The Spot

    Are you ready to have beautifully lined lips and stop feathering in its tracks? Are you ready to find and define…
    4 days ago February 12, 2019
    Energy Profiling

    How Each Type of Woman Shames Her Body & How To Stop

    Body shaming—it’s all around us through blatant and subtle messages in magazines, on TV shows, or even during conversations with…