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Find Out What Your Tattoos Say About You

How do your tattoos reflect your personality & your Energy Type?

What do your tattoos say about who you are?

Back in the day, only the rebels got tattoos—but now they’re more widely accepted as a unique expression of someone’s personality.

On today’s #EnergyProfilingWithCarol show, you’ll meet 4 women who share their own tattoos and what motivated each guest to get inked true to their Energy Types.

You’ll find out how Debbie, a bright & animated Type 1 woman, got her tattoos spontaneously when she tagged along for a fun social outing with her friends.

Then meet Muriel, a soft & subtle Type 2 woman, who shares the story behind her intricate design—and how she was careful to ensure that even the expression on her tattoo was gentle, not scary.

Gina, a rich & dynamic Type 3 woman, makes a statement with her independence and her style! She chose substantial tattoos true to her nature, even when she was a young girl.

And lastly, you’ll meet Tracy, a bold & stunning Type 4 woman, whose thought-out decisions about the design and placement of her tattoos reflect her own story of self-acceptance and strong will.

What “aha” did you have watching this show? Leave a comment below!

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