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1 Outfit, 3 Ways – Type 4 with Secondary Styles

Go from Typical Type 4 to exceptionally YOU.

When it comes to Type 4 style, you want something that looks clean, polished, and bold. But beyond keywords, you want a personalized style that reflects who you are inside—so how do you do that?

It’s all about adding in your Secondary Style!

Time and time again, Carol tells women that one of the best ways to personalize your style is to determine your secondary and bring in elements from that Type.

I’m Kalista, your Type 4 Expert. I’m going to show you how to do this. Watch as I take one “Base Outfit” and wear it 3 ways, one for each secondary.

For my Base Outfit: I have these striking pink pants, a striped shirt, and no cardigan. This outfit is perfectly Type 4, but let’s personalize it even more.

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Type 4/1

What makes this outfit Type 4/1:

  • The cardigan has a shorter length and 3/4 length sleeves that draw the eye upward. The texture is smooth, but it has eyelet cutouts down the sleeves and down the back.
  • The pattern is mixed with a striped top, button details acting like polka dots, and watermelon print earrings.
  • The outfit has a fabrication of “lightness” in both the weight of the cardigan and the weight of the jewelry.
  • The earrings have a touch of green, bringing in a fourth color. 

What keywords are being shown in this outfit? 

  • Animated, Light, Upward, Fun, Sparkle

How they’re being shown:

  • The cardigan is lightweight, the 3/4 length sleeves and shorter length brings the energy upward. The button detail adds a fun pop. The jewelry brings in animation with playful watermelon earrings, a sparkly necklace, and bow detail on the bracelet. 

Type 4/2

What makes this outfit Type 4/2:

  • The long black duster cardigan elongates the lines of the outfit. It also has a connected ribbed texture that softens its appearance.
  • The jewelry is longer in length, with the earrings having a teardrop shape, the necklace having a long lariat design, and the bracelet wraps for a comfortable feel.
  • The only additional pattern is in the intricate detail of the earrings, creating a single point of interest.
  • The fabrication of all pieces is soft, with just enough stretch to be comfortable and fluid, yet still fitted.
  • Black and pink create connecting balance; earrings to pants, and cardigan to shoes. 

What keywords are being shown in this outfit? 

  • Soft, Fluid, Relaxed, Detailed, Elongated.

How they’re being shown:

  • The long design of the duster cardigan and the long shapes in the jewelry elongate the style of the whole outfit. The soft and stretchy fabrications allow for fluid and relaxed movement. Details are included with the laser-cut wood earrings, shimmering wrap bracelet, and long necklace. The way the sleeves of the top are pulled below the length of the cardigan sleeves reconnects the pattern of the stripes for more detail. 

Type 4/3

What makes this outfit Type 4/3:

  • The cardigan blazer features classic notched lapels and strong right angles at the opening at the hemline creating defined angles.
  • The medium-woven knit, the dynamic wooden beaded necklace, and the angled designed earrings create three levels of texture.
  • The inclusion of multiple fabrics and materials creates an overall visual pattern for the eye to move around on.
  • The cardigan blazer is made of a substantially weighted tight-knit. 

What keywords are being shown in this outfit? 

  • Dynamic, Active, Textured, Substantial.

How they’re being shown:

  • The substantially weighted cardigan allows for swift angles to be seen in the design. The use of multiple textures and materials creates a dynamic and active style. The jewelry is substantial in both texture and weight, with the wood necklace, chain bracelet, and patterned earrings. 

How do these outfits still lead with the dominant energy Type? 

When adding in secondaries, be sure to stay true to all Type 4 style. You’ll notice that in all variations, the classic striped top grounds the outfit, the pink pants create a bold statement of color, and the wide-leg design creates parallel lines. 

You’ll notice the jewelry I added in for all variations—this is a fun (and easy!) way to add secondary elements!

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