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Shopping Tendencies For Type 1 Women

How To Look & Feel Amazing As A "Fun" Shopper

I’m 64 years old and look the best I’ve ever looked in my entire life. I feel healthy and confident each and every day. This didn’t happen by accident. I’ve been teaching and practicing the principles of Dressing Your Truth for over 18 years.

One of those principles is how to use the tendencies associated with your Energy Type to your advantage while shopping. In this post, I talk about the shopping tendencies of Type 1 women. I’ll address the shopping tendencies of other Energy Types in future posts.

The Importance Of Following Your Natural Shopping Tendencies

Your shopping habits are a big function of determining your Type. There are different behavior tendencies that come instinctually from your nature. When you’re not consciously thinking about who you are or who you should be, you allow those natural tendencies to blossom and bring out the real you. When you fight or go against those tendencies, it shows in your appearance and the energy you express.

Whenever I see a woman that looks significantly older than she really is, I know it’s because she isn’t dressing her truth. It might be her hairstyle, makeup, or the clothes she’s wearing, but something is drastically wrong for her Type of expression.

We can fix that.

The Type 1 Shopper

Type 1 Energy is naturally buoyant with a random-like quality to movement. Type 1s love new experiences and possibilities which is something shopping can easily offer. But sometimes there are so many possibilities it can be inundating and overwhelming. This creates a heavy, foggy feeling that can impede good decision-making in all areas of life.

The best way of describing the Type 1 shopper is “fun”. It’s fun for them to shop. It’s fun for them to buy new clothes. It’s fun for them to constantly be adding to their wardrobe. But we need to understand and leverage the Type 1 shopper’s natural tendencies to bring out that fun feeling in a healthy way.

The 5 Shopping Tendencies of Type 1 Women

1. Type 1s make quick decisions and when they like something they think, “this would be fun”.

When a Type 1 like something, they think “this would be fun”. That’s their go-to phrase. “Fun” describes their attraction to an item and means they are drawn to it. If a Type 1 is not saying something is “fun”, it’s probably not something they’ll love and enjoy.

2. Type 1s are more likely to socialize than pay attention to their purchasing when with others.

In-store shopping experiences with friends, sisters, kids, and other family members is fun! But Type 1s can be pulled out of their natural Energy and defer to the influence of others rather than checking in with their own “fun” reference point. They are adaptable and want others to be happy. They can give in to what others think almost which can lead them to buy something for all the wrong reasons.

3. Online purchasing can be fun as Type 1s love opening packages as they arrive but might feel those items eventually become dull and boring.

There’s a tremendous amount of excitement when a package arrives and a Type 1 gets to open up the box. But we need to differentiate between the “fun” of the experience versus the “fun” of the items inside. All too often, those items that were fun to open end up hanging in the closet. Focus on whether the garment itself is fun versus it being fun to just buy new things. All too often, Type 1s are buying new things because there aren’t enough new, fun things showing up in their life in other ways. I address this issue and more in our Lifestyle group.

4. Thrift stores are a favorite of Type 1s since they can spend less and when you spend less you don’t have to keep items as long. Plus, thrift store shopping can feel like a treasure hunt.

I love thrift stores. It’s so fun to buy lots of new (to you) items without having to spend a lot of money. It’s like a game, and it allows you to buy new things more frequently. Just make sure you’re going to a nice, clean, organized thrift store and bring your Style Guide along.

5. It’s a good idea for Type 1s to know their budgeting and what they are looking for before they start to buy.

It’s important for Type 1s to create boundaries around how much they are going to spend when shopping. It’s equally important to know exactly what you are looking for otherwise you might overspend and end up getting a lot of new stuff but not what you really needed. It’s easy to buy lots of things versus what you are actually looking for so be intentional when shopping.

Learn More About Your Energy Type & How To Be A Great Shopper

Do you want to learn more about your Energy Type and how to tap into your natural tendencies to be an amazing shopper? Take this FREE quiz and find out which of the 4 Types of beauty you are. Then, check out my book, It’s Just My Nature!

These two tools will get you started on the right path to learn more! Take a deep dive into who you are as a person. Getting to know your Energy Type will help you find confidence and be your very best self.

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