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3 Steps to Loving and Appreciating Your Body

I’d like to issue a cease and desist to all the women of the world.

It’s time to stop the daily practice of negative body-talk!

We women are wives, mothers, sisters, daughters, working women — we all have a lot in common!

Since learning about Energy Profiling, you’ve found that you have a lot in common with the women who share your Energy Type too.

And one thing we all definitely have in common, unfortunately, is our practice of thinking and talking negatively about our bodies.

Maybe you’ve made good progress changing this habit, but as you know, old generational patterns can be persistent and don’t change instantly.

Keep at it!

Here are 3 steps to positive talk and appreciation for your body:

1. Stop speaking negatively about your body.

It takes longer to change your thought patterns, but you can change your speech tendencies immediately.

Every time you’re tempted to say something negative about your body, think of your body as a small child. Would you say that to a child?

Your body hears what you’re saying and takes on the energy of shame in response. Give your body a fair chance to wake up to it’s truth of health and beauty by ceasing and desisting all negative speech.

2. Notice your negative thoughts.

Be an observer of your thoughts, and in that place of observation notice that your thoughts are just that — thoughts.

Your thoughts create your reality. Are your thoughts about your body helping you create a healthy and beautiful body? Or are your thoughts creating shame and disease?

3. Change your negative thoughts.

Now that you’re noticing them, you can change them!

Here are some common negative thoughts women have about their bodies, and what you can choose to think instead:

I’m too fat — I am the way I am. I love myself now and I create healthy choices.

My thighs are too big — Thank you legs for carrying me each day.

I look old — I look perfect the way I am, because that is the way I am!

I hate my body — Thank you body for taking on so much for me.

My skin is saggy — Thank you skin for expressing my full life.

I am too tall/short — According to whom?

My hips are too wide — Thank you hips for allowing me to bear my beautiful children.

My stomach is too big from having kids — Thank you for making that sacrifice stomach, I love you for that!

Love is the most powerful energy in the Universe.

Choose loving thoughts and they will turn into loving speech and actions.

As you love your body with positive thoughts and language, you instill into womankind a shift of energy that moves all women toward more self-acceptance and truth about who they are.

Thanks for helping me with my mission to help more women by first helping yourself.

God Bless You,



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