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5 Hidden Reasons Women Don’t See Their True Selves

What blinders are keeping you from seeing your true self?

You’re doing it. You’re showing up every day to work on yourself and discover who you truly are.

You know there’s more for you out there, and you feel ready to take on the world!

Why, then, do you feel like it’s difficult to find your true self through this journey of self-discovery? You watch as other women claim their true Energy Types easily—why not you?

It’s as if you have blinders on that are keeping you stuck. Confused. Frustrated.

Here are 5 hidden reasons why women can’t see their true selves.

1. You see yourself through the lens of how others see you.

Instead of tuning into yourself for answers, you look for approval and permission from others. Who comes to mind when you think of stepping into your true self?

An old teacher who shamed you?

A well-meaning relative?

What about your parents?

More than likely, you know who you are in your most natural, authentic expression. It’s time to see yourself for who you really are, instead of holding onto someone else’s opinions.

2. You see your gifts as faults and flaws.

No wonder you don’t want to see your true self! You mistake your natural gifts as embarrassing flaws.

What if you embraced the way you moved through the world, instead of wishing you could be someone else?

What if you accepted your personal energy level, instead of wishing you could “calm down” or “lighten up” like you’ve been told?

What if you showered your body, your face, and your own unique Type of beauty with love, instead of comparing yourself to fashion models on the magazines?

You have been given gifts that are important to this world. Stop wrestling with those gifts.

3. You have a habit of negative self-talk.

Have you ever noticed how you talk to yourself?

Write down what you catch yourself saying—especially in your head. Would you speak that way to your dearest friend?

From this day on, commit to using only affirmative language with yourself. When you can focus on the positives, you’ll begin to see yourself from a perspective of strength. You’ll see the truth of who you are!

When you make a mistake, instead of saying, “How stupid of me! I always mess things up!” try this instead, “It’s okay, mistakes happen! What can I learn from this experience?”

You overhear every word you say. So be kind to yourself.

4. You’re playing a role to please others.

Take a look at any draining relationship in your life. With your boss, a friend who’s stuck, or even a close family member.

With a journal, write down, “The role I’m playing in this relationship is…” and see what you write next. Don’t overthink this—write whatever comes up.

Consider the possibility that playing this role is keeping you stuck in behavior patterns that aren’t true to you.

It’s time to let that role go. It’s time to be yourself.

5. You’re trying to stuff down uncomfortable emotions from childhood.

We’ve all been there; you’re not alone in this.

The mind doesn’t want to see what it believes can cause pain, so it pushes these emotions away.

But the truth is that by allowing these childhood emotions to surface, we can finally feel peace. It certainly may be uncomfortable at first to heal these memories, but let yourself cry. Let yourself feel anger, or sadness, or loneliness.

It’s only by accepting your deep feelings that you will find your true self underneath that trapped emotion.

Let’s talk about this. Which one of these blinders has been keeping you from seeing your true self?

You don’t have to live in a place of “stuck” anymore.

You’re the Type of person you are for a very important reason.

I’m excited for you to discover who you are and begin to live a life you love.

I recently launched The Carol Tuttle Healing Center. The video sessions and healing plans I’ve created will help you heal any issues that are blocking you from a life of affluence, easy, and joy. I invite you to start your first healing session today.

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