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Your Type’s Beauty Code Word: What It Is & Why It Matters

What words do people use when they compliment you?

How would you describe your unique expression of beauty? Do you see yourself as gorgeous, lovely, or pretty?

In my system of Dressing Your Truth, each of the 4 Types move through the world with a certain movement. Based on that movement, I’ve chosen Beauty Code Words to describe women of each Type! The word captures the Beauty Profile of a given Type in a single word. Your beauty code word can help you find your personal style with more ease.

Every woman is remarkably beautiful, no matter what Type she is. Your natural feminine expression lends itself for you to have a certain kind of beauty that depicts the Type of woman you are.

Let’s take a look at each of the 4 Energy Types and see if your Type’s Beauty Code Word resonates with you!

The Bright & Animated Type 1 Woman

The Type 1 expression is upward and light. If you have a dominant Type 1 movement, you have an upward, light energy. You are naturally inspiring, fun-loving and hopeful. Your dominant shapes in physical features are animated shapes, like a circle, heart, and the points of a star. This is visible in the eyes, the cheeks, and the overall body and facial shape.

Based on the Type 1 movement, the Type 1 Beauty Code Word is…


When Dressing Your Truth and honoring your truest beauty, a Type 1 woman will be told a lot, “You are so cute!”

Type 1 Toni B&A - Cute

Toni’s Type 1 Before & After photo shows how she stepped into her “cuteness” as she embraced her Type 1 nature!

I have heard Type 1 women complaining that they don’t want to look cute or be called cute. These are women who are still judging their light airy nature to be inadequate and superficial. When you know the true power of your feminine self, you embrace and welcome the words that depict your true feminine nature and your true beauty.

When someone calls you cute, in your heart you know it means, “I am a brilliant, fun-loving, amazing and beautiful woman!” Looking cute and youthful when you are 65 is a good thing. You never have to grow old. Embrace this.

Here’s what our Type 1 Lifestyle member, Diane, says about her beauty code word: “At the age of 51, I admit I wasn’t sure about the term “cute”, but have learned to accept and love it! 😁 Though the favourite compliments I’ve received are “fresh” and “full of life.” 🤗💖”

The Soft & Subtle Type 2 Woman

The Type 2 expression is fluid and flowing. If you have a dominant Type 2 movement, you have a fluid, flowing energy. You are naturally calming, inviting, subdued and sensitive. Your dominant shapes in physical features are elongated S curves, ovals and softened rectangles, which is visible in the eyes, the nose, the cheeks, the hairline, and overall body and facial shape.

Based on the Type 2 movement, the Type 2 Beauty Code Word is…


Type 2 Before & After Beautiful

Rachel’s Type 2 Before & After photo shows how she blossomed into beautiful as she embraced her Type 2 nature!

When Dressing Your Truth and honoring your truest beauty, a Type 2 woman will be told a lot “You are so beautiful!” Yes, the beauty code word for a Type 2 woman is Beautiful!
Your natural expression of gentleness and elegance fits the most commonly used word to compliment an attractive woman—beautiful. You have a romantic, graceful quality that expresses itself to the world when you are Dressing Your Truth, so you will hear this a lot, “You are such a beautiful woman.”

Here’s what our Type 2 Lifestyle member, Muri, shared about her beauty code word: “I actually had a bit of healing to do with the word beautiful. After I realised I am a Type 2, I went through the course again and when beautiful was mentioned, my very first reaction was ‘But I’m not beau…’ and that shocked me. I grew up with a striking Type 4 mom and a sister who were considered more of a classic beauty. I was often overlooked as being beautiful. I am glad beautiful is the code word for Type 2 because it really helped me heal some.”

The Rich & Dynamic Type 3 Woman

The Type 3 expression is active/reactive. If you have a dominant Type 3 movement, you have an active/reactive energy. You are naturally dynamic, sure and purposeful. Your dominant shapes in our physical features are angles, triangles and asymmetrical shapes, which are visible in the eyes, the nose, the cheeks, the hairline, and overall body and facial shape.

Based on the Type 3 movement, the Type 3 Beauty Code Word is…


When you are dressing your truth and honoring your truest self and beauty, you as a Type 3 woman will be told often, “You are so hot!”

Laura’s Type 3 Before & After photo shows how she nailed her hot lioness style as she embraced her Type 3 nature!

True to your fiery nature that comes from your dominant element hydrogen, it just makes sense that when Dressing Your Truth you look hot! And this beauty code word does not just apply to younger Type 3 women. I have seen many Type 3 women over 55 go from looking quite grandmotherly to looking hot after their transformation!

I have heard some Type 3 women who are hesitant to dress their truth in fear of looking too sexy and hot. They have been trying to tone down their more substantial nature for many years, and to step into their truth and look sexy, hot and amazing can be quite a step for some women. Let yourself come back to your truth as a Type 3 woman, fully embracing and loving your new hot and sexy look!

Here’s what our Type 3 Lifestyle member Anie had to say about whether or not she resonated with her beauty code word: “Yes! I’ve always wanted my husband to tell me I look “hot”. Pre-DYT he would tell me I’m beautiful but that word never resonated with me. Since DYT, and with him having very limited knowledge of DYT, he has since switched to telling me that I look hot all on his own!”

The Bold & Stunning Type 4 Woman

The Type 4 expression is constant and still. If you have a dominant Type 4 movement, you have a constant, exact energy. You are reflective, concise and clear. The dominant shapes in your physical features are elongated ovals with straight sides, parallel lines in any direction, which are visible in the eyes, the nose, the cheeks, the hairline, and overall body and facial shape.

Based on the Type 4 movement, the Type 4 Beauty Code Word is…


When Dressing Your Truth and honoring your truest beauty, a Type 4 woman will be told often, “You are stunning!”

Amber's Stunning Before & After

Amber’s Type 4 Before & After photo shows how she effortlessly came alive as a stunning Type 4 woman!

You truly are a stunning beauty that others have a hard time not staring at in awe. Type 4 beauty is the beauty of the fashion world. It has become the standard of beauty that too many women compare themselves to. Nearly every fashion model is a dominant Type 4 woman, or has a very strong secondary Type 4 in their physical features. When women like Brooke Shields, Cindy Crawford and Christie Brinkley become the standard of what beauty is, only other Type 4 women have a chance at achieving this stunning beauty!

Take it upon yourself to bring out your bold, striking, stunning beauty and to honor yourself and share with others. Even though you do not like being the center of attention, you will enjoy standing out in a crowd in a way that you are perceived as a unique woman who truly knows who she is and where she is going in life.

Listen to what our Type 4 Lifestyle member, Kim, shares: “My whole life, people have used the word “stunning” when complimenting me on my looks. Sometimes I can see myself as stunning and sometimes I can’t. Whether I feel stunning or not seems to be tied to whether or not I’ve had the time to really put myself together and be thoughtful about my wardrobe choices. I will put something on and if it doesn’t feel right to the core of my soul, I take it off and try something else. I don’t always have time to be so careful and reflective. But when I do have time, I feel stunning, even in a t-shirt and jeans.”

Do you resonate with your Beauty Code Word? Share your story in a comment below! You could inspire someone else who shares your Energy Type.

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