How to Make Style and Lifestyle Choices That Spark Joy True to You

You can experience more joy in your life.

Carol and fellow Club Members representing all four Types explore how we compromise our joy when we compromise ourselves.

August 2015 Club Night teaches you:

  • How to identify where you may be making compromises
  • How to fine tune what is correct for you in your style and lifestyle
  • How to make choices that spark joy in your life
  • How to develop more confidence to support these choices

The panel shared genuine, personal examples, including:

  • How Type 1 Marcy really feels about charm bracelets
  • What Type 2 Colleen thinks about scarves and the adjustment she made
  • How Type 3 Anna Kay’s Disneyland planning got in the way of Disneyland joy
  • How Type 4 Liz felt about necklaces in the past and puts them to work for her now

May you enjoy the video and start sparking more joy in your life.


Create the life you want and deserve: “Remembering Wholeness,”
by Carol Tuttle


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Decluttering. Organizing. Joy!
“The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up,”
by Marie Kondo


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