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Did You Make These Fashion Mistakes Before DYT? #EnergyProfilingWithCarol

Get tips from the Experts & avoid common style mistakes!

Remember what you wore before Dressing Your Truth?

On today’s episode of #EnergyProfilingWithCarol, three of the Dressing Your Truth Experts join me live to share what they used to wear before they discovered their Type of beauty and to answer your fashion questions!

Here’s a quick list of what we covered in today’s show:

(7:00) – Do you follow me on Instagram? I recently did my first Q&A where I was asked an important question: when do I feel the most beautiful? Listen to my answer here and learn how you can feel the same way.

(11:37) – Welcome, Jeny, our spunky Type 1/3 Expert who shares how embracing her Type 1 hair was a big step for her when she started dressing her truth. You’ll also want to check out her two favorite Lifestyle videos: All the Tips You’ll Need to Get Sunshine Hair and A Fun Way to Add Your Secondary Type to Type 1 Eyeliner.

(25:37) – Next up is our other Jenny, the lovely Type 2/1 Expert whose first phase of DYT was a learning curve about balancing the flow of Type 2 style. She shares her own favorite Lifestyle videos: How to Go from Fretting to Feeling Calm & Confident – Type 2 Tips and How to Take Care of Your Yin in a Very Yang World.

(35:45) – As the Type 3 Expert today, I share the most common fashion mistake that a Type 3 woman makes. You’ll see pictures from my fashion journey and my biggest tip for someone who just begins her Type 3 journey! Go watch my favorite Lifestyle videos: Yin/Yang Style Combos and The Yin/Yang Line-Up of All 12 Energy Type Combos.

(42:20) – My last Expert on today’s show is the always-regal Type 4/3, Deborah. She shares how it’s been a process to become comfortable going so bold and bringing her stunning qualities alive. You’ll love her favorite Lifestyle videos: Colormania for Each Type and Crossover Colors for Every Type.

(55:00) – We close the show by answering your live questions, such as: how to decorate a home for a family of mixed Energy Types, how to wear long skirts as a Type 4, how to include fun in your day-to-day routine as a Type 1, and makeup tips for Type 2 & 4.

Which of these Experts tips gave you an “aha” today? I’d love to hear about it in a comment!

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