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How to Cut Through the Layers of Emotions Hiding in Your Hair

Heal from hair trauma and reclaim your power in the salon chair!

How old were you when you gave away your power with your hairstyle?

I clearly remember the moment when I did (00:24). And so does my guest, Holly (3:10). Hear how she lost her power with her hair and how she was able to reclaim it with the help of the emotional healing practices that I teach.

Many of you have had experiences much like mine and Holly’s. You let others, maybe a mother or stylist, take away your power as a child. Now here you are as an adult woman sitting in a salon chair suppressing the shame of trauma, feeling powerless to get what you really want.

Let’s examine what’s really going on here and what you can do to heal and create a new experience at the salon and with your hair.

  • (6:01) Why we believe it’s our hair’s fault that we feel these negative feelings.
  • (8:07) The choice we have when we experience emotional discomfort.
  • (10:20) How to reassure your inner child.
  • (11:30) An affirmation to reset your hair experience.

Common lies women believe about their hair:

  • I am powerless over my hair.
  • My natural hair color is wrong.
  • Who I am is flawed.
  • If I cut my hair short, I’ll look like a boy.
  • Long hair is more feminine than short hair.
  • If my hair doesn’t look good, I don’t look good.
  • My hair creates my beauty.
  • My hair/haircut/hairstyle determines how attractive I am.

Let’s face it. As women, when our hair looks good, we feel good about our hair. And when it looks good, it’s one less thing that steals our energy. So here is an affirmation to help you create a healthy belief:

“I am beautiful and I choose hairstyles that support me in expressing my beauty and allowing me to be to me. My hair always looks great.”

Don’t let your sense of self-acceptance get tangled up in your hair!

Remember, your hair doesn’t create your beauty. It allows you to express the natural beauty that you already possess.

Learn which of the 4 Types of beauty you express.

Start you Free Dressing Your Truth Beginner’s Guide!

Where are you at with your hair? What are you ready to change?

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