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“But I Can’t Be Type 1!” 3 Common Myths About Type 1 Energy

The most common misunderstandings about this bright & light energy

Think you can’t be a Type 1 because of one specific thing?

This happens a lot! As you learn about Energy Profiling and begin to determine which of the 4 Types you are, sometimes the Types are misunderstood!

I’ve noticed that people tend to take an interpretation of an Energy Type too far and then pigeon-hole an Energy Type into that misunderstanding.

That creates a box that you feel like you don’t fit in. “I can’t be a Type 1 because…”

First, let’s go over the energy of Type 1: it’s an upward, light, bright, animated energy. It moves outward, easily connects with others, can be pleasant, social, and chat with others. Their gift to the world is ideas!

Because of their more buoyant nature, sometimes they’ll drop the ball or take on too many tasks, which causes them to lose interest when they stop being fun.

Let’s see how these tendencies create myths.

3 Most Common Myths of Type 1 Energy:

(3:05) – Myth #1: “I can’t be a Type 1 because I’m not the life of the party.” Whether or not you’re into parties is not at all an indication that you’re a Type 1 energy! Here’s why!

(4:44) – Myth #2: “I can’t be a Type 1 because I don’t drop the ball all the time.” This is an extreme interpretation of your qualities of randomness and being agreeable!

(6:24) – Myth #3: “I can’t be a Type 1 because I’m not social (or outgoing, or an extrovert).” Our culture understands introvert and extrovert energy in a very distinct way, but listen to how I teach what this means as a Type 1 woman.

Where do you go from here?

While this video focused on personality traits of Type 1 energy, the best place to go when determining your Type is face profiling and body profiling!

Leave a comment below sharing how this video helped you as a Type 1.

If you don’t yet know your Type, I invite you to take my FREE Energy Profiling Quiz!

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