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How to Dress for a Funeral When Your Type Doesn’t Wear Black

How to look your best and show up with respect

In many cultures, it’s tradition to wear black to a wake or funeral. Black is seen as a solemn color that shows solidarity with the mourning family.

When women discover their Type of beauty in my Dressing Your Truth system, they quickly find out that 3 out of the 4 Types do not wear black. Only Type 4 women wear black!

So, a question I’m asked often is, “Carol, what should I wear to a funeral since my Type doesn’t wear black?”

This is a great question. It shows that you want to be respectful of the circumstances and also honor yourself at the same time.

Alternate colors you can wear to a funeral—besides black

Essentially, darker colors are encouraged for funerals because they feel more serious, instead of the brighter colors which can signify lightness.

Type 1 Colors for Funerals

Type 1 energy is naturally light, bright, and uplifting, but there are still darker colors to choose from!

Go with navy or dark chocolate brown. Watch this Lifestyle video (already included in your membership) to learn more about how dark chocolate brown is the new black for Type 1.

Diane shared this photo:

Type 1 woman wearing navy suit to funeral instead of black clothes

“I attended a funeral here in Denmark yesterday and this is what I wore as a Type 1/4 (navy with pearls). There are no strict dress codes, just ‘sober’ colours.

Type 2 Colors for Funerals

Type 2 energy is naturally soft, subtle, and calming. Your Type’s colors already have a soothing vibe to them, so the darker tones will work beautifully for these events.

Go with gray, charcoal, or dark blue. As a Lifestyle member, you get access to this video where Type 2 Expert Anne shares all the shades of gray that are available to you!

Holly, a Type 2 woman, shared this with us:

Woman wearing navy lace dress to funeral instead of black

“I’m a Pastor’s wife and the last few funerals I’ve attended I have worn a simple navy lace midi dress. I feel like it’s still classy and elegant, but yet traditional with the darker color.

Type 3 Colors for Funerals

Type 3 energy is rich, dynamic, and fiery. While your Type doesn’t wear black or gray, you have several dark, gorgeous colors to choose from that still honor your nature.

Go with brown or burgundy. Brown is a staple in your Type 3 wardrobe, and you can see all the varieties in this Lifestyle video to help you make sure your browns are truly Type 3.

Lisa shared this with us:

Woman in burgundy dress not wearing black for funeral

“I’m a Type 3/2 and wore this to my mom’s funeral. I was the only person who didn’t wear black, gray, or navy. My mom always complimented me after I started dressing my truth so I decided to be true to my nature. I have also worn deep purple and olive to other funerals.”

Type 4 Colors for Funerals

Type 4 energy is bold, stunning, and still. That’s why black looks so phenomenal on you! It’s obvious that you can wear black to funerals, but another color that works wonderfully is navy.

Rita is a Type 4/3 who shared this:

Type 4 woman wearing black for a funeral

“I always make sure to include white with the usual black…where there is life there is hope… even at the darkest times.”

Times when you may want to choose black—regardless of Type.

I want to acknowledge that when a loved one passes, it is a sensitive and tender time for the grieving family. Some people feel very strongly that it’s better to always wear black to a funeral out of respect for the family—no matter what your Type is.

I trust each and every woman to consider the family, as well as your relationship to the deceased, and make the decision that is correct for you.

What have you found honors both you and the person you’re celebrating and grieving at the funeral?

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