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Still Unsure of Your Secondary Energy? 4 Tips to Figure It Out!

How to decide on your secondary Energy Type with more ease and confidence.

It’s an exciting journey once you’ve determined your dominant Energy Type. It feels like you’ve come alive.

Now it’s time for you to figure out your secondary—and this is where some people get stumped.

Your secondary Energy Type is important because it’s what makes you unique. It influences the natural movement and behavior that you express as you lead with your dominant Type.

When it comes to secondary Energy Types, it’s important to remember that it plays a supporting and minor role in influencing who you are—that’s why I call it your secondary energy. Some people have an “overdeveloped” secondary energy that may be wreaking havoc in their lives, and in order for you to come back in to balance with yourself, you are learning how to live true to your dominant nature.

Determining your secondary Energy Type is easier than you think. Set an intention that you’ll find clarity as you read through this post!

I’ve put together these 4 tips that will help you determine your secondary Type with more confidence.

  • Look at your style.

What do you reach for in your closet every day? Of course, these items will already follow your Type’s Dressing Your Truth guidelines, but do they have elements of another Energy Type as well?

For example, if you’re drawn to…

      • Sparkle, cute patterns, or animation, that could be a secondary Type 1
      • Softness, flow, or detailed patterns, that could be a secondary Type 2
      • Substance, texture, or slightly weighted fabric, that could be a secondary 3
      • Clean, straight lines, or smooth fabric, that could be a secondary 4

I’ve seen time and again that women are naturally drawn to items that have elements of your secondary.

I always recommend building your wardrobe based only on your dominant Type first. When you do this, you’ll develop confidence in what you like and what you’re drawn to. The secondary style preferences will come naturally the more you focus on your dominant!

Want specific guidance with this? Our Lifestyle membership is full of videos to help you learn more about these elements and how to bring your secondary into your style.

  • Look at your movement.

You already know that Type 1 and Type 3 are considered “high movement” and that Type 2 and Type 4 are considered “low movement” in the Energy Profiling system.

But did you know there is a range of movement across each of the Energy Types? In other words, are you a higher or lower movement of your Energy Type?

This Lifestyle video, The Yin/Yang Line-Up of All 12 Energy Type Combos, has changed the lives of so many people in our community. They found clarity, empowerment, and understanding about their own movement—when before, it didn’t always feel “true to Type.” Now they realize their movement was actually perfect, all based on their dominant and secondary energy combo.

  • Read these tips for each Energy Type:

If something you’ve done has ever made you wonder, “Hmm…that feels like a different Type” this may be the answer for you.

Secondary Type 1 Energy

People with a secondary Type 1 energy will express a cuteness, a sparkle, a playfulness about them at times. It’s not their primary expression—just an added animation in their dominant Type. In gatherings with friends or family, they might try to lighten the mood or make you laugh.

Secondary Type 2 Energy

People with a secondary Type 2 energy will express a gentle quality to them that softens and adds sensitivity to their dominant Type. They will have an emotional awareness of others and a desire for others’ feelings to not be hurt.

Secondary Type 3 Energy

People with secondary Type 3 energy will express more orientation to wanting results, with a bit of a push that backs up their dominant Type. They like to take on challenges—not in the same, head-on way as a dominant Type 3.

Secondary Type 4 Energy

People with a secondary Type 4 energy will express an ability to step back and look at the big picture with a keen eye. They’ll also have an ability to perfect the world around them—but to a lesser degree than a dominant Type 4.

Ready to know your secondary once and for all?

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