How Knowing Your Type Can Help You Find Your Life Purpose – #EnergyProfilingWithCarol

When you show up as your true self, your life purpose finds you.

Now that you know your Energy Type, how do you live your life purpose?

In this episode of #EnergyProfilingWithCarol, join my two guests who will share how their life purpose became more clear as a result of Dressing Your Truth.

Here’s a quick list of what we covered in today’s show:

(8:00) – Colleen’s a rich & dynamic Type 3 woman who’s already discovering pieces of her life purpose, thanks to owning her Energy Type.

(19:16) – I show you the Clearing for Blocking or Resisting Your Soul Purpose from the Healing Plan for Living Your Life Purpose.

(28:37) – Stunning Type 4 Rita has really been able to step into her role as a rabbi with her composed and reflective nature.

(42:15) – Colleen & Rita take live questions from the viewers! Colleen shares how she handles being labeled by others as “too much.” (You can use the Clearing Session for Taking on Other People’s Energy she talks about!)

(43:30) – Listen to Colleen’s story about how she lost 92 pounds and how the Healing Plan for Weight Loss played a huge role in that. Can emotional baggage cause you to put on weight?

(44:00) – Rita shares her deep spiritual connection and how that led her to become a rabbi and following her own life purpose. What has happened in your own life that you feel like you just cannot ignore?

(47:30) – Is there one Energy Type that’s more suited for Hospice care?

Your life purpose is trying to find you—it’s time to step into it.

I launched this brand new Healing Plan for Living Your Life Purpose in the Carol Tuttle Healing Center last week! Starting on March 11, I’m personally guiding members through it.

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Quick links to the resources I mentioned in this episode:

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