Next Steps Checklist


Bringing out your true beauty begins here.


Use this checklist as a tool to support you in dressing your truth.


1. Finish watching your DYT course.

You’ve finished the first step! Remember, your course is yours, so you can always return to watch any part of it when you need a refresher.

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Take a “Before” photo of yourself. It’ll help you see the difference after you’re dressing your truth!


2. Go through your clothing.

Sort through your clothes and set aside those items that don’t support your Type of beauty. [dt_quote type=”pullquote” layout=”right” font_size=”h4″ animation=”none” size=”1″]Refer to your DYT Style Guide.
It’ll help you immensely here!

If an item is NOT your Type of beauty…follow 1 of the 3 Rs:

Release it  Refashion it Replace it   

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3. Go through your jewelry.

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As you go through through your necklaces, earrings, bracelets, watches and rings, ask yourself:

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Are they the correct metals that support my Type of beauty?


If not, then set it aside for now. You may be able to refashion some of them.


4. Go through the rest of your accessories.

As you assess the rest—shoes, scarves, handbags, pins, hair accessories, etc.—ask yourself again: [dt_quote type=”pullquote” layout=”right” font_size=”h4″ animation=”none” size=”1″]Do they work for my Type of beauty?[/dt_quote]

Continue to refer to your DYT Style Guide here. 

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5. Go through your makeup.

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Remove all of the makeup that doesn’t harmonize with the colors for your Type of beauty.  

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  • Eyes – mascara, eyeliner, eye shadows, brow powder
  • Cheeks – blush or bronzer. 
  • Lips – lipsticks, lip liners, lip gloss

Find the makeup that’s true to your Type of beauty in your DYT online store.


6. Assess your current hairstyle.

Ask yourself: Does the color, cut and style of your hair fit the movement of my Type of beauty?

First, consider one of these to get amazing hair:

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  • Book an online hair consultation with one of our DYT Stylists.
  • Schedule your salon appointment with your local stylist
  • If you’re going to be in the Salt Lake City area, you can make an appointment at the DYT Salon (only for DYT Club Members like you!)

Before your next hair appointment:

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  • Review the section on Hair in your DYT Course for a refresher.
  • Check out the hairstyle gallery for your Type of beauty.
  • Identify photos of the cut, color and styles you like and bring 2 of them to show your stylist.
  • Write down the DYT keywords for your hair that you want your stylist to know.

At your hair appointment:

Tell your stylist the look you’re going for by providing her/him the keywords and show the pictures that reflect the kind of cut you want.


7. Create a shopping list of items you want to replace.

Now that you’ve taken out or set aside the garments and items that don’t fit your Type of beauty, it’s time to see what you need to replace. Identify what’s missing or lacking from your wardrobe or makeup kit and make a list. Plus, watch the Shopping Tips video for helpful tips in shopping your truth!

To get started, check out the DYT Basic Essentials for your Type of beauty:Type 1 Basic EssentialsType 2 Basic EssentialsType 3 Basic EssentialsType 4 Basic Essentials


8. Put together your first 3-5 outfits in your Type of beauty

Look over what occasions you have planned for the days and weeks ahead and consider the outfits and what levels of dress you’ll need for them. For example:

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  • What would you wear for a night out or a date night?
  • What would you wear for a casual day of running errands?
  • Do you have a special occasion coming up to prepare for?

Start by assembling a few outfits—with accessories—that are true to your Type of beauty. You’re going to look (and feel) amazing!

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Congrats! You’ve completed all of the steps!

Now return to DYT Home Page so you can live out your truth and continue to create a personal style that’s truly you!

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