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High Standards, Structure, & Solitary Time: Type 4 Q&A with the Experts

What could be better than sitting down with the very stunning Kalista and Deborah, and being able to ask them any question you wanted?

Well, that does sound amazing—which is why you need to attend the “I Love My Life” event this September!

To hold you over until then, you’re invited to watch the recording of this fantastic online broadcast, Q&A with the Experts, where Kalista and Deborah covered deep and intellectual questions from our Lifestyle community.

Here is just a sample of what was covered:

  • How writing can help you sort out worries and anxieties.
  • How you can add structure to your daily life when things feel chaotic.
  • How a Type 4 special education teacher can state the facts during meetings without coming off as too bold. (Listen for Deborah’s excellent insight on this as a parent of a special needs child.)
  • What to do on the days when the typical Type 4 lipstick colors are just too strong for you.
  • How to balance your social life when, as a Type 4/2, you feel introverted and love your solitary time.
  • How you can pull off a Type 4 pixie with gray hair.
  • How to honor where others are at when their standards are not as high as yours.
  • How to plan a wedding when the Type 4 wants a small and intimate event, but the Type 1 wants a big and fun wedding with many people. (Kalista’s personal experience with this is hopeful and enlightening.)
  • What to do when your Type 3 family members drop by unannounced and disrupt your day.

These questions spark conversation that will inspire you. Our community especially enjoyed the tips about respectful communication when Deborah shared, “How you say things is just as important as what you say.”

We’d love to see your comments about what you loved most from this event. Share how it’s helping you love your life even more!

Join us at the “I Love My Life!” event!

Type 4 resources mentioned in this broadcast:

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These items were in stock at the time of this recording. If they’re not available anymore, browse the rest of the Type 4 Store. You’re sure to find something else you love!

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