This 1 Simple Practice Will Help You Easily Create a Personal Style

Top 10 reasons why sharing your outfit with others will actually help YOU.

Want to look younger and healthier—and increase your confidence all at the same time?

Of course, you do! I have never met a woman who would say “no” to this. When we see other women who look incredible and hold themselves with inner confidence, we want that for ourselves too.

But what if you don’t know how to get it? How do you get what they have?

It comes from an inner shift. That includes taking the first step of letting yourself be seen and welcoming encouragement from hundreds of other like-minded women.

Wait, that sounds too good to be true! But let me tell you: it’s not! And I’ll tell you how to get it.

#1 way to find support and encouragement from other women: Join our Lifestyle Facebook group!

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“Haven’t we all felt judged for one reason or another all throughout our lives? I feel as though most of us understand what it feels like to fight against the cultural norms, and I love that we can support each other here! I was so so shy as a child; there was a lot of judgment of others in my circles, so it was very difficult for me to step out and be bold or try and have fun or be myself without ridiculous judgments and teasing. Posting photos helps me show up and challenge myself!! I love being here among kindred spirits!” -KIMBERLY, Type 1 

Top 10 Reasons Why You Need to Join our Lifestyle Facebook group and Share Your Outfits of the Day:

1.  You will be encouraged. This group is full of happy, wonderful women who want to support your journey.

2.  You have to start somewhere. We all did. Let us help you from your very first day of Dressing Your Truth. 

“I like coming to Lifestyle to see Carol’s inspirations and teachings. And outfit inspirations from others. I didn’t post much here at first, but have grown more comfortable. The women are very encouraging and supportive. I like to encourage other new members too.” -NANCY, Type 4

3.  You’ll put more thought into your style. Posting in the group will help you figure out what works for you and what doesn’t. 

“I like that it causes me to get dressed & put effort into it. I like that it gets me to take pics of myself; I can tell a lot better how to get a look together by looking at pics, instead of the mirror. I like that I get feedback from DYT experts & others, helping me to refine, & improve my style. I like the social aspect, in a FB group which is the best, & most supportive, & safe! I like seeing what others do, I get lots of ideas! & so if no one is participating that won’t happen! And I like the encouragement to keep Dressing My Truth!” -CODY, Type 1

4.  Ask for feedback. This group is full of thousands of women who have been where you’ve been and they can relate and give style tips. 

“I like the feedback and seeing the progress I’ve made. It also keeps me accountable.” -BELINDA, Type 3

5.  You’ll learn your secondary faster. Different style influences for each Secondary can be seen in your pictures. We will even give you feedback on which Secondary style influences look best on you. 

6.  It will help you grow as a woman. Choosing to be vulnerable is a good thing. It helps us release perceived fears that are not true. 

“Posting has been one of my favorite and most rewarding activities for a number of reasons. The community is wonderful and very supportive. I receive great feedback on the success of an outfit or suggestions on improvement. Perhaps the greatest benefit is that I can look at my own posts and see where I get it right or can make tweaks or improvements. I also love that others can get inspiration from me just as I do from them. It is win-win for everyone. Love this group and am very thankful for its positive presence on social media.” -TRUDI, Type 4

7.  Become a fashion example. As you age, believe me, you’re treated better out there in the big old wide world as a “stylish older woman!” Start now. 

“In today’s society, you don’t usually get women supporting women they want Lifestyle members do. The encouragement and compliments truly can make any bad day better. I post often for support but also to be an example on how to be fun and exciting for the 50+ woman.” -SANDRA, Type 1

8.  We love you and want to see you. Please share your beautiful self. Without support, you may give up on Dressing Your Truth altogether and never see how great you can look and feel. 

9.  Life is too short to be a ghost in this amazing Facebook group! Get involved. Post, comment, like!  Be a participant rather than a looker. (Are you a looker? Why? What is keeping you from getting involved?)

“As a Type 2, I used to be very shy to post. I initially got comfortable posting in the Type 2 group. But, I saw the wonderful feedback other Type 2’s received in the Lifestyle group, so I gathered up my courage and did it! I have made friends of all Types. I love how we support one another with our outfits but also life in general! It is a positive, supportive community and we lift each other up. I get inspired about new makeup, jewelry and outfit ideas and have honed my own personal style more and more.” -LISA, TYPE 2

10.  Grow even more into the beautiful woman you are. I created this program to first help you grow as a woman and second, look your best. Sharing yourself will help you grow. 

I look forward to seeing your posts!

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