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10 Things I Would Have Done Differently When I Started DYT

Mistakes that made DYT not as much fun in my early days!

I started dressing my truth in 2004. At the time of writing this article, that was 18 years ago. The internet was young and it was honestly a big challenge to find clothes, makeup, and accessories for any of the 4 Types!  

I made a lot of mistakes that either cost me my time, my money, and/or my happiness. Back then, I really didn’t know any better! It was all part of the journey, and I’m very grateful for the way these mistakes helped me develop my own style.

But my intention is that you learn from my mistakes and have a better DYT experience!

Top 10 Mistakes I Made When I Started DYT

1.  Bought and wore the wrong colors.

18 years ago, we did not have the amazing Style Kits that we have today. Finding your Type’s colors was truly a guessing game. Over the years, there have been many editions of the Style Guides while we learned through our own trial and error. Investing in a Style Kit will help train your eye to purchase your Type’s correct colors and patterns. Plus, I love how we have included the most important takeaways from the Dressing Your Truth Beginners Course on the back of each Style Guide.

2. Sacrificed comfort for style.

I was so eager to create a Type 3 wardrobe that I often compromised on comfort and purchased items that did not feel great on my body. I distinctly remember buying an awesome pair of Type 3 shoes that felt terrible on my feet. I’ve learned over the years that this is never necessary. I can be comfortable and stylish—especially with Type-specific shoes.

3.  Bought too many of the same things.

Too often, many of us think, “If one is good, then three in different colors is better.” The problem with that is we end up getting bored with our wardrobe. Color alone does not create the variety we are looking for! I would have have bought a more intentional minimalist wardrobe, instead of just buying the same things.

4.  Didn’t understand the value of accessories.

I was so focused on the clothing aspect of dressing my truth, I compromised a lot on accessories, particularly jewelry. Now that we offer jewelry that is perfect for every Type, it’s easy to acquire a basic collection of accessories to help you create that finished and polished look for your outfits.  

5.  Too much hair!

Without understanding how to bring my secondary energy into my hairstyle, I look back and chuckle at some of my older photos and think, “Wow, I had a lot of hair!” What I thought looked edgy at the time, could really be seen as a little too busy by others. Having an understanding of how to bring your secondary energy into your hairstyle will help you create every day to be a great hair day.  

6.  Wasn’t as strict with the 5 Elements.

It’s common for women to default to only thinking about their Type’s colors when they start to dress their truth. This is due to having been a student of other color-related dressing systems before discovering DYT. I was the same!  But make sure to take your Style Guide with you when shopping—but not just for colors! After you have used the color side of your guide, flip it over and check to see if the item you are considering purchasing has at least 3 other of your Types elements

7.  Didn’t use all 5 Components of Style.

Clothing is definitely the foundation of Dressing Your Truth, yet, it cannot fully create the experience of feeling great in your style. Clothes, hair, makeup, accessories, and personal care create the 5 Components of Style. I skimped and was not consistent in the early days of dressing my truth. 18 years later, I make sure I have included all 5 every day. That doesn’t mean I do a full face of makeup every day; some days it’s just doing my brows and lips, with some simple jewelry. It’s easy! And I know you’ll feel great by taking a little extra time to include all 5 every day.  

8.  Wearing the wrong color of makeup.

Since I hadn’t launched my own makeup line until a few years into teaching Dressing Your Truth, I had to rely on what I could find in retail stores. I remember having to look at a lot of makeup to even get close to my Type 3 colors. It’s common for women to have invested in the wrong color of makeup prior to DYT, but don’t make the mistake of waiting until that makeup runs out before you get your Type’s makeup from the DYT store! Most makeup available in the retail market space is Type 2 colors. Wearing the wrong color of makeup will age you and you will not love the way you look.  

9.  Worried too much about what others might think.

“What will people think of me wearing leopard print? Are these earrings too big? I don’t want people to think I look ridiculous!”

What do you or have you worried about when it comes to others having an opinion of you? I did this in my early days of DYT. It eventually wore off. Now, I never even consider the thought any more! My standard is if I love it, I’m going to wear it. Dressing Your Truth will naturally build your confidence in who you are and how you look as a woman.  If you have those worries about what others may think of you, just notice it. Love yourself through your growth and learning, and trust that these thoughts will continue to fade away over time.  

10.  Not having fun with the process.

Trying to build a wardrobe too quickly. Fretting about mistakes. Putting stress on myself to look good every day. Judging myself too harshly. Putting myself down.

These were all things I had to stop as I started to dress my truth. If it’s not fun, we won’t want to do it. Make sure you give yourself the time you need to learn and grow in knowing who you are, what you like, and what feels great on you.  

Which of these mistakes did you or are you currently making? 

With all of the content that we have created in our Lifestyle library, you do not need to make these mistakes.  your learning curve can be much faster than mine, as you can learn from my mistakes! 

My first mistake listed was wearing the wrong colors. If you don’t yet have your Style Kit, grab it today and save yourself so much time, energy, and money!

Get your Style Kit here!

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