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3 Tips to Get Unstuck That No One Else is Teaching You

How 4 Types of people keep themselves stuck without knowing it

Could it be that one of your natural tendencies is causing you to stay stuck and keep you from moving forward in life?

On this week’s episode of #EnergyProfilingWithCarol, we’re talking about how the 4 Types of people get stuck and keep themselves there!

There’s stuff that happened in your life that you don’t even realize is still in your energy field. Here’s how the 4 Types of people experience feeling stuck:

  • Type 1: You process too many new ideas! You’d think new ideas create movement, but too many of them keep you on the “idea treadmill” with no forward motion.
  • Type 2: Your attention to details and thinking ahead can keep you stuck. Overthinking can cause those “what if’s” to materialize by putting too much attention on them.
  • Type 3: You are great at getting stuff done—which may feel like productivity. But burning the candle on both ends keeps you stuck by causing you to burn out!
  • Type 4: Being able to see the big picture helps you create efficiency, but it could also include critique & criticism. It wears you out because there’s no joy or fulfillment.

Which one sounds most like you? Let’s talk about tips to get unstuck so you don’t have to stay in that pattern.

Take my free “Stuck Quiz” and watch your life transform. I’m excited for you to get unstuck.

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