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Type 2 Eyeshadow Colors to (Comfortably) Leave Your Comfort Zone

Raise of hands. Do you stick to “safe” colors with your makeup?

You’re not alone! Even though Type 2 Expert Anne uses a variety of makeup, she noticed herself tending toward “safer” colors of the same intensity.

Today, Dressing Your Truth Makeup Expert Anna K shows her how to apply a combination she likes in outfits, but feels hesitant to put on her eyes.

Take a look at how well this unexpected color combo goes together. And relax! The colors look a little more intense. But Anna K shares just what to do if the colors go on too dark, so you feel elegant and completely at ease.

Will you give some unexpected colors a try? Share your photo in a comment!

Eyeshadow colors used in this video:

Brushes used in this video:

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