How Knowing Your Money Type Can Help You Get More Money

What's your Money Type and how does it help you?

You have an Energy Type—but did you also know you have a Money Type? And more importantly, are you living true to both of them?

In my Energy Profiling system, I teach about the 4 natural movements that we express as human beings. Each person expresses a dominant Energy Type that influences our tendencies with everything we experience in the world, including how we interact with money!

If you’re not living true to your Money Type, you’ll be blocking or repelling money. Nobody wants that!

In this video, I tell you how to manage your natural tendencies with money so they don’t create debt or lack.

Watch to see…

(1:54) – Type 1 Money Type: The Free Flow-er. You’ll discover how to be spontaneous, random, and experience pleasure with your money in a way that won’t become unhealthy or dysfunctional.

(4:12) – Type 2 Money Type: The Nest Egg-er. Listen to these tips so you can feel calm and reassured for all those “just in case” scenarios—without becoming a hoarder or penny-pincher.

(6:25) – Type 3 Money Type: The Builder. Get the scoop on how to enjoy the results of your money growth—and still care about the people involved without becoming too focused on the money alone.

(8:11) – Type 4 Money Type: The Analyzer. Here’s how you can find the balance of enjoying your high standards and high-quality items without becoming too possessive about either.

What if you have a partner or spouse of a different Money Type? In the 30-Day Money Cure, I teach you how to bring both of your Money Profiles together and work as an effective team, where you can both be honored and flow more money together!

Are you living true to your Money Type?

Maybe you identify with a different Money Type based on this video. Or maybe you notice unhealthy tendencies in your experience! Maybe you just want to unblock and flow more money into your life. I invite you to join me for the 30-Day Money Cure.

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