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What Dressing Your Truth Looks Like Across Different Cultures

Where in the world is Dressing Your Truth? Find out where we are!

Curious what it’s like to have Dressing Your Truth in different countries and cultures?

I welcome 4 women from different countries on this episode of #EnergyProfilingWithCarol! Do they share the same Energy Types as the countries they live in?

Meet each of these Lifestyle guests and listen to how discovering their Energy Types helped them and made a positive difference in their lives:

  • Amani, sharing her bright & bubbly Type 1 nature while living in London—a structured, Type 4 city.
  • Shauna, a soft & subtle Type 2 woman who’s from Canada, which is also a gentle, Type 2 country.
  • Jennifer, a rich & dynamic Type 3 woman who found her true Type living in Belgium, a quaint and soft country.
  • Bridget shares what it’s like being a bold & still Type 4 woman in a Type 1 country.

Did you learn something new about a country’s Energy Type? Share in a comment!

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Enjoy the resources mentioned on today’s show:

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