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Why You’re Trying to Be Someone Else (& How to Stop)

If life feels too hard, you could be running energy that isn't correct!

Before you discovered Dressing Your Truth, did you force yourself to be another Energy Type?

Even if you didn’t knowingly force yourself, you may have been running another Energy Type to protect yourself for a number of reasons.

Many of us have been influenced or encouraged to live contrary to our true nature. This pressure could come from our parents—even if they mean well. It could also come from your spouse, work environment, or even cultural pressures.

More often than not, you live as a different Energy Type as a safety mechanism.

I know I did.

When it’s not safe to be yourself.

As a child, I lived in my secondary Type 4 energy a lot while growing up. I experienced a father who was unpredictable in his mood swings and a mother who constantly tried to keep us all from upsetting my dad.

My dominant Type 3 energy was too rambunctious for my dad, and I learned to stay quiet and still a lot, to not rock the boat, or be too much because it might make dad mad. Does this sound familiar to you?

While living in another Energy Type may feel safe, it’s extremely challenging to sustain. The price you pay for not living true to your Type can cause health imbalances. You age more quickly, your body is challenged with illness and dis-ease.

You struggle to manifest what you want because you’re not putting out a true signal to the universe. Your “signal” is compromised because you are compromised. Life feels efforted—like you’re trying too hard, like you have to.

It doesn’t feel natural, easy, or correct.

How to be your authentic self.

But when you discover your true Energy Type, everything begins to fall into place. You begin to heal. In fact, a lot of challenging issues fall to the wayside once you have the awareness of your Type.

Listen to the stories of these Lifestyle members:

Kristi Type 3 Before & After

“Growing up I had four older sisters that got into a lot of mischief. Seeing how my Type 4 mom dealt with them, I decided to swing the other way, against my nature, and be as much like her as I could. I was considered the peacemaker and the one who corrected people no matter the cost. It was very frustrating as a teenager to try and find myself while trying to be the ‘good child.’

“When I moved away from home, I saw that I could be me without being criticized. It was freeing! I cried so much but I had joy like I’ve never experienced. I wasn’t numb anymore and I have since learned that my nature is a wonderful thing, and that the world needs the energy I bring to it! I didn’t know I was living my truth until a few years later, and I understand my mother so much more because of DYT.” -Kristi, a Type 3 woman.

Are you trying to be another Type because it feels more “spiritual”?

That was Becky’s experience.

Before and after of Type 4 Becky

“I think I forced myself to be a Type 2 for decades because I thought that showed growth Spiritually. To be ultra-feminine (soft colors in flowy clothing) was what I believed I had to be in order to be a Proverbs 31 woman. There, I said it. Everything used to be so much work. Dressing Type 4 has been so fun and easy. My only problem is that I want all the things now. If I see something that is Type 4, I must own it. 🤪” – Becky, a Type 4 woman.

What’s one thing you’ve done that’s helped you live true to your Type?

Leave a comment below to share your tip (and remember to include your Energy Type)!

If you have been trying to be someone you’re not, it’s time to change that. Dressing Your Truth will bring understanding and acceptance into your life!

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