5 Books That Changed My Life

Which of these five books will change your life for the better?

Books have always been a force for good in the world. They allow us to share ideas, learn new lessons, and gain wisdom.

By reading another’s story, you can take advantage of what they learned without going through that experience yourself. It is a gift from the author to the reader.

The five books that changed my life are, yes, five that I have written (how Type 3 of me)! My life dramatically improved and I grew as I learned what I teach in each of these books, and again with the writing of each.

How would you like that learning and growth by simply opening one (or all) of these powerful books and putting into practice what you learn? Think of all the time saved!

As an extra gift to you all five of these books are on sale now through April 6. Complete your collection for $15 each!

What you can gain from each of these 5 books:

(1:30) To learn Energy Profiling you may have started with It’s Just My Nature. This book teaches you about each of the four Energy Types. It’s the foundational understanding of how you and others operated and move through life. For added-upon learning read The Child Whisperer. Each book offers a very different approach to Energy Profiling.

(1:52) If you’re ready to step into the world of healing and understanding your power of intent start with Remembering Wholeness. Next move on to Mastering Affluence and The Modern Chakra Guide. What would it be like to give up the belief you learn best through pain and struggle? Instead, embrace the belief that you can grow and learn in a state of peace and affluence. The choice is yours. These books will help you make the switch.

Take advantage of this book sale to get the book that is most speaking to you. It’s time to step into the next phase of your life, learning to live in joy, predictability, and affluence.

Shop the 5 Books that Will Change Your Life!

And, for those who want to know the 5 books (by other authors) that have had a dramatic effect on my life, here’s my list:

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