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How to Live True to Your Type 2/3 or Type 3/2 Energy Combination

How to create satisfaction in the planning and the results!

Do you ever feel like you’re being pulled in opposite directions?

Are you a Type 2/3 or 3/2 Energy Type? Ever feel at odds within yourself? I understand as the movement of these Energy Types are opposite!

You have Type 2 Energy that is fluid and calming and Type 3 Energy that is driven and intense.

Join me and my Experts, Type 2/3 Anne, and Type 3/2 Sarah as we explore the variables of these inverse Energy combinations including the benefits and challenges. I’m sure you will relate to their experiences and stories!

(Still unsure of your Secondary Type? How to Confirm Your Secondary Type — 3 Clues to Look For)

How to live true to your dominant and draw on the strengths of your secondary with your Type 2 and Type 3 Energies:

    • (01:18) What are the common challenges of the secondary Type 2 Energy and Type 3 Energy Types?
    • (06:18) How to these Types differ? It’s all in the size of your “plate”.
    • (07:40) How your secondary can support you in your daily life when you follow what feels natural and practical.
    • (10:20) Why Type 3/2 is the most mistyped group.
    • (12:20) What it looks like to nurture your secondary energy.
    • (16:20) How the right start in the morning can set your day up for success.
    • (17:54) Tips to support your energy combination to balance the busy and remove judgment.

What about you? What have you noticed about yourself and how do you maintain balance? Share it in the comments!

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