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5 Easy Steps to Develop Your Own Style

The fashion world can actually keep you from finding your true style.

With a system built on ever-changing trends, it’s challenging for a woman to get in touch with her own beauty sixth sense and create a style that honors her Type of beauty.

So, do not feel bad if you’re still trying to create your own style. With Dressing Your Truth, it may be the first time in your life you have the information you need to do that.

Here are 5 easy steps that have helped me create my personal style over the years:

1. Start with Dressing Your Dominant Type – Then Add Your Secondary!

You may still be in the process of learning your dominant and secondary Energy Types—that’s okay.

What feels correct on you can be a big clue to what your dominant and secondary Energy Types are. That’s one reason I decided to give you access to all 4 DYT courses! Once you know your dominant, take time to learn how to Dress Your Truth following what you learn in the course.

After several weeks or months, start incorporating your secondary energy into your look. It took me several years to learn how to do this as I did not have a guide. It will take you much less time. As a result, you’ll save money and have a lot more fun!

You got this.

If you are feeling a little lost, go back to the basics of Dressing Your Truth for your Type. Then start studying the many videos here in Lifestyle that teach you how to add your secondary.

2. Follow Your Beauty Sixth Sense

Every woman has a beauty sixth sense, an intuitive guide to what feels and looks right on her. When a woman starts paying attention to how she feels in different clothes, jewelry, makeup, and hairstyles, her beauty sixth sense will start to speak to her.

A woman knows she’s paying attention to this sixth sense when she can honestly say, “I love it” about her outfit. Whenever you wear an outfit you truly love, take a picture on your phone. Create a catalog of “I Love It Outfits.” After your catalog has about 10 outfits, review them. What do you notice? What is similar? What stands out for you?

3. Follow the 5X5 Formula

In your Dressing Your Truth courses, you learn how the 5 Elements create the correct movement for your Energy Type.

Here in Lifestyle, we teach you how to create a whole look by incorporating the 5 Components of Style.

QUIZ TIME! Be the first to list the 5 Elements and the 5 Components of Style in a comment, and I’ll gift you with a $10 DYT Online Store gift card.

4. Notice the Compliment Meter

Even though you’re not wearing outfits to fish for compliments, there are items in your wardrobe that just work better for you, and as a result, you’ll receive more compliments!

When you receive a compliment, take a moment and look at your overall style that day: what are you wearing, how did you style your hair and makeup, and why it is working for you.

There is a reason you’re getting compliments.

5. Give it time!

Developing your own style does not happen overnight and is not discovered by listening to others who can misguide you.

Pay more attention to what you like, what feels right on you, and what you receive compliments in. When you’ve developed your own style, you appear “fashionable” —even when you’re not trying to!

This is a process of self-discovery. With Dressing Your Truth, personal development and fashion are intertwined. You continue to learn about yourself while having fun with fashion.

So often when you see a woman wearing trendy clothes, we see her outfit first. With Dressing Your Truth, you see the woman first, with the outfit and clothing supporting her true beauty. Now that’s style!

Think of a woman in your life who is ready to be seen for who she truly is. Thank you for sharing Dressing Your Truth with her and helping me with my mission to reach more women.


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