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4 Reasons Why Your Yin/Yang Combo is a Game-Changer for Your Style

Knowing your energy helps you have a style you love

You may have heard about Yin/Yang qualities and wondered how they relate to Dressing Your Truth.

In my book, It’s Just My Nature, I share that the concept of Yin/Yang is used to describe how seemingly opposing energies always exist in partnership and complement each other.

Yin is usually associated with slow, soft, insubstantial, diffuse, wet, cold, and tranquil. Yin energy is light, still, and moves inward to create.

Yang, by contrast, is characterized as hard, fast, solid, dry, focused, hot, and aggressive. Yang energy is radiant, firm, dynamic, and moves outward to create.

Every Energy Type has a Yin/Yang expressive quality to it.

For example, I am a dominant Type 3 energy which is a double yang movement: yang-yang.  My secondary energy is a Type 4 which is a yin-yang movement.

When you add my dominant and secondary Energy Types, you can see that I am a yang-yang-yin-yang.

My husband is a Type 2/1 which creates a yin-yin-yang-yin movement. Yes—opposites definitely do attract!  Knowing this about ourselves pretty much saved our marriage. (You can read more about that in the book, It’s Just My Nature.)

Where do we experience the Yin/Yang movement in the world of Dressing Your Truth?

Understanding the natural movement and energetic characteristics of Yin/Yang not only helps us understand ourselves and others better, but it can also bring to life our ability to create a style that perfectly feels good and looks amazing!

Surprisingly, 14 years into this life-changing experience of dressing my truth, I had my biggest breakthrough in knowing how to create a style perfect for me: it was understanding the Yin/Yang movement of the clothes and accessories that I was putting on my body! This allowed my Beauty Sixth Sense to become my Beauty Sixth Genius.

Knowing your Yin/Yang combo helps your personal style express who you are.

Carol Tuttle's Dressing Your Truth Before & After picture

My before picture was only taken a few years ago. My outfit is standard Type 3. My after picture was taken within the last year. That outfit is pure Carol Tuttle.

This is a “leveling up” experience in the Dressing Your Truth world. I call it, the After the After.

So many women show us how powerful it is knowing their Yin/Yang expression and how to create a style with that knowledge.

Rachel showing her Type 1 Dressing Your Truth Before & After

Type 1 Rachel says, “Before learning about the yin/yang model, I would often gravitate toward looks that were a bit too yin. I didn’t realize how much movement I could hold and how playing with different patterns, textures, and scale would really help me show up. When I look back at older pics of myself, I realize that I got lost in the cute subtlety and that I needed more dynamism in my look in order to come into focus!”

Anne Tuttle Brown showing her Dressing Your Truth Before & After picture

Type 2 Expert, Anne, shares: “Incorporating yin/yang into my style has brought it to a whole new level! I am able to create an outfit I love every single day. If something is off, I can easily determine what it is. Balancing my yin/yang makes every outfit feel like a second skin – like it’s truly me!”

Type 4 Mandie showing her Dressing Your Truth Before & After picture

Here’s what Bold & Stunning Type 4 Mandie says,

“I’m 4/3 and have been dressing my truth for 3 years. When I first started wearing the bold hues I felt like I’d finally stepped out of the background. Since learning my secondary and incorporating those elements into my style I am finding the true me. I no longer look in a mirror and wonder who that person is. What I see in the mirror represents how I feel inside. I love living true to my bold, still nature.”

4 reasons why creating your perfect style makes your life better:

1.  You get dressed every day. Why not create that to be a very positive experience? Make it a form of self-care.

2.  Your clothes affect your energy and your mood. The more you understand yourself and translate that into your wardrobe choices, the more you naturally feel good and have extra energy!

3.  You are your own brand. You present yourself to the world every day. People are influenced by how you look which influences how they respond to you. Send the most honest message you can.

4.  It’s just a lot of fun. My Yin/Yang formula is so easy once you get it. You will have it down to a personal science that makes it so much more than just putting clothes on.

Adorn yourself on a daily basis with the energy of affirmation, “This is who I am. I own it and I live it.”

I’ve created a series of videos about each of the Yin/Yang combos in my Lifestyle membership. You will learn exactly how to dress true to your unique Yin/Yang combo, no matter which one it may be! Join today if you’re not a member yet!

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