5 Questions to Ask As You Spring Clean Your Closet

How do you know if you’re a woman who needs to spring clean her closet?

I’ll answer that by asking you this: have you ever stood in front of your closet full of clothes and thought, “I have nothing to wear!”

Your husband has no idea how you could feel this way because, in his eyes, you have more than enough clothes!

The problem is not the quantity—the problem is that you have too many clothes that don’t make you look good or, more importantly, feel good!

Why does this happen? It’s because too many times you have listened to others while making purchases, or you have used the “It fits and it’s on sale!” line as your only standard of determining what to buy.

Have you ever asked yourself, “Is this really best for me? And do I love it?”

Many women do not.

Let’s use this time of year to give your closet a much-needed spring cleaning.

Not sure how to spring clean your closet? Here are 5 questions to ask as you begin:

  1. “Do I love my shoes?” Let’s start with shoes. They’re practical, sure, but they can also be fun! Do you have some stylish shoes you love? If not, it’s time to get yourself a pair. A new pair of shoes can be a great accessory to your style.
  2. “Do I love wearing every piece of jewelry I own?” If not, get yourself some new jewelry that adds another level of beauty to your outfits. Not having great jewelry is like being served a birthday cake with no frosting… boring!
  3. “How old is my purse?” Some purses stand the test of time! But if yours looks dingy or has any tears or fraying edges, it’s time to get a new one. (Not sure what purse would be best for you? Watch these videos for extra tips!)
  4. “Do I love it?” Now let’s move to your clothes. Take every piece of clothing you have and ask yourself that question. If you do love it, put it in the “Keep” pile. If you honestly do not, put it in a pile to donate. (If needed, you can have a “maybe” pile that you go through with more thought.)
  5. “Do I have mostly black clothes?” After you’ve trimmed down your clothes to only the ones you love, look at the color. Many women pick black clothes because they’ve been told it works for everyone. Be careful though—that’s a fashion myth! Even if you are the Type of woman who can wear black, commit to not buying any more black clothes until you have at least two-thirds of your closet in color.

How do you find out if you are the Type of woman who can wear black clothes?

You can take my free Dressing Your Truth Before & After course! It’s a system that helps you create your unique, personal style based on discovering your Energy Type. You’ll learn all the tools you need to dress in a way that makes you look good and feel good.

You won’t be alone. We’ll guide you through a Before & After that brings you confidence for the rest of your life.

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