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5 Ways to Make Sneakers & Athletic Shoes Look Stylish

How to turn foot problems into fashion opportunities!

I used to be such a shoe snob.

Footwear has always been something I’ve enjoyed, and for most of my life, I invested in a lot of awesome shoes! I loved how the right pair added interest to my look and helped me create a personal style.

In fact, I judged women who wore sneakers or athletic shoes with their stylish outfits.

I’d wonder, “With all the amazing shoes in the world, why would women choose sneakers?”

But then, I developed severe foot issues that turned out to be plantar fasciitis. I could no longer wear any of my typical shoes and stepped away from all of my heels or wedges. For the first time since starting to teach Dressing Your Truth, I had to learn how to make lace-up sneakers and athletic shoes fashionable. 

My experience completely changed my mind about women and shoes.

I learned first and foremost that it doesn’t matter what anyone else may think—what matters is how you feel!

Wearing supportive, comfortable shoes was necessary for healing my plantar fasciitis, and I learned how to turn my foot problems into fashion opportunities.

Here are 5 ways to make sneakers & athletic shoes stylish true to your type:

#1: DON’T wear your beat-up shoes that are already worn out or dirty. (03:17)

This goes for hiking shoes, boots, and exercise shoes as well. Use them for what they’re meant for: the gym, going for a hike outdoors, etc. If you wear old, dingy shoes with a fashionable outfit, you’ll just be drawing attention to your feet, and it won’t look good!

#2: Balance your clothes with your shoes. (04:16)

Meaning, if you’re wearing chunky sneakers, make your pants, skirts, and jackets more sleek and clean. You’ll feel more put-together. If you pair chunky sneakers with long, baggy pants, a big oversized jacket, etc, you’ll feel frumpy and won’t look as streamlined. 

#3: Make the shoes the feature of your outfit. (05:17)

They could be the highlight that creates and supports a personal look. (I show you 3 different looks for this tip.)

#4: Wear shoes the same color as your pants or bottoms. (07:15)

This way, the shoes blend in and get overlooked, so the attention is drawn upward to your best feature—your beautiful face.

#5: Add a fashionable handbag. (09:08)

Pick a fashionable handbag in a stand-out color. It ups your entire outfit and gives the instant impression of having a personal style.

Purses for each Type:

Which of these 5 looks will you be adding to your style? 

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