You’ve been there.

You’ve stood in front of your closet, discouraged at having nothing to wear.

Or you’ve come home from a haircut and cried.

Or you’ve looked in a dressing room mirror and felt defeated.

You've been there

A recent survey suggests that women spend more time worrying about their appearance than anything else—more than money, health, relationships, or professional success.

If you think that’s not true for you…

Next time you pass a mirror, notice where your eyes go. Do you look at a part of your body you don’t like? When you get ready in the morning, do you fight with your hair? Do you ever suck in your tummy? Or stand behind other people in photos because of how you look?
All those little moments of dissatisfaction add up. And honestly, they’re wasting your life. I promise you that it doesn’t have to be that way. As women, we’re smarter than ever. We know it’s time to stop the old, shameful practice of believing we’re not enough. But we still keep feeling dissatisfied in front of the mirror. I have the information and tools to stop that for you, your daughters, and all the women to come after you.

I used to hate the
way I looked.

I’m Carol Tuttle, and for years, I battled frustration and shame about my appearance.

I tried to look my best. I followed trends. But even if I looked okay on the outside, I wasn’t comfortable in my own skin. Something always felt off (and sometimes looked off, too).

I wanted to love my appearance. But I couldn’t will myself into liking my looks.

And then, 18 years ago, I made a discovery that changed everything for me. Have you ever noticed that some women are bright and cheery while others are more private? Some live life more aggressively and others have a softer, more methodical approach? It’s obvious that every woman has a unique personality. But here’s something not so obvious: Your unique inner qualities also connect to the outer features that make you beautiful. In other words, if your nature is more cheery, you will naturally express a youthful energy—no matter your age. Or if you’re more serious by nature, you will express a refined quality in your appearance.

Look around the world. You’ll find a huge variety of beautiful features: apple cheeks, substantial noses, chins and eyes and foreheads of all shapes and sizes. Every woman expresses a unique quality of beauty that’s worth celebrating.

There are 4 main ways to describe these qualities. I call them the 4 Types of beauty. When you dress in a way that honors your Type of beauty, you feel great and you look amazing.

Which one of these best describes you?

Bright & Animated
Type 1 Beauty

If you express this Type of beauty, your inner light comes out in your youthful, animated features. You have a light about you that brightens other people’s day.

If you’ve ever wanted to be taken more seriously, you might have dressed in dark or structured clothing. But that goes against your light nature. It makes you look stifled and drained. You’ll feel free to be yourself when you embrace your bright nature in your style.

Soft & Subtle
Type 2 Beauty

If you express this Type of beauty, your soft-spoken nature shows up in your blended, softened features. Your presence has a calming effect on others.

Ever worry that you’re too soft-spoken, or even boring? You might have worn stronger colors to compensate. But bold clothes or bright highlights will just wash you out and make you disappear. Embrace softness in your style and your powerful gentleness will show up.

Rich & Dynamic
Type 3 Beauty

If you express this Type of beauty, your inner drive comes out in your dynamic features. You have a powerful presence that moves others into action.

You’re a natural go-getter. If you’ve ever been judged for that, you may have tried to soften your drive. But soft clothing and hairstyles conflict with your dynamic features. Any kind of frill will actually make you look more masculine! You need texture and richness to feel your best.

Bold & Striking
Type 4 Beauty

If you express this Type of beauty, your inner balance shows outwardly in more refined features. You have a quality of beauty that others perceive as striking.

You know your own mind, so you might have been called a “know-it-all” or critical. If that’s the case, you may wear clothes that don’t stand out. You don’t have to retreat! When you express your bold nature with a distinct style, people know what to expect—and they respect it. You help others see their truth by living yours.

When you discover your Type of beauty, amazing things happen. You understand yourself better. You find strengths you didn’t know you had. And you can express who you are with a style to match. It’s a transformative process.

To Discover Your Type, Watch My Free Beginner’s Guide

Discovering my own Type of beauty was life-changing.

As a rich, dynamic Type 3 woman, I have a powerful presence and dynamic features. (Not the bright, blended, or refined features of the other Types.)

Every time I tried to “fix” my features by wearing softer clothes or colors, I was at odds with myself. It was like caging a tiger. What you put on your body can cover up what is actually beautiful about you!

Over several years, I discovered how to highlight my true beauty—and I’ll help you do that, too.

I developed a style system that has now guided half a million women in over 120 countries through the process of discovering their Type of beauty and dressing true to who they are. They love themselves, look amazing, and finally feel at home in what they wear.

Dressing Your Truth will help you know your truth and create a personal style that tells the world,
“This is who I really am.”

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It’s time for you to feel more confident than ever.

I’m over 60 and I look better than I ever have in my life. I love myself inside and out—and I know what to wear to express the real me.

I want that experience for you, too!

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What if you could know your Type and start Dressing Your Truth in less than an hour?
You can, with my free Beginners Guide. In 5 simple videos, I’ll teach you all the basics.

  • 1. It’s easy to discover your Type of beauty

    In the first step, you’ll meet women who express all 4 Types and discover which Type of beauty you express.

    "What an awakening and enlightenment to learn I didn't need to fit into any industry standard for age or coloring or bodyshape. I simply needed to be me - fully and totally myself. And that's all I ever needed to be. What a relief! What freedom!"

    —Mary Ellen, Type 2

  • 2. See how to pick clothes that highlight your true beauty

    I’ll show you exactly what elements to look for in clothing so that your money goes farther toward a wardrobe you actually love.

    "It is so fantastic to experience clothes, accessories and makeup as a way of honoring one’s self rather than feeling competition and failure. I wish that many more women could feel this joy that I am now living because of Dressing Your Truth.”

    —Susan, Type 2

  • 3. Even makeup looks better when applied true to Type

    Women often use makeup to fix flaws. But your makeup colors and application can actually highlight the real you. I’ll show you how.

    "I have never worn full makeup for more than a month or so at a time before giving up (and I'm 62)... I watched a bunch of Lifestyle tutorials and bought several new items from DYT. The practice of doing it daily made a big difference. Thanks to DYT for providing the tools for me to do this!! I will definitely stay with it."

    —Kim, Type 1

  • 4. It’s time to have easy, happy hair days

    Ever had a haircut that made you cry? I know why. And I’ll show you how to get a cut you love that’s easy to style every single day.

    "Ladies! This is amazing! All my life I believed that I had no - zero - zip - nada natural curl to my hair. But this morning, I (finally) did the hair clearing and decided to try something new just to see what would happen... I am shocked! I had no idea that my hair would curl this much!"

    —Megan, Type 1

  • 5. Putting it together saves you time, money, and effort

    Women who use Dressing Your Truth look amazing—with none of the frustration they used to experience. It’s possible for you!

    “One of the things I love about DYT is that I pretty much always feel cute and put together… It’s easy to put together outfits I feel good in, whether it’s to go to work or to run errands around town. I never had any real sense of personal style before DYT… Now I can do clothes, hair, and makeup pretty quickly and feel confident stepping out into the world each day.”

    Becky, Type 1

Start The Dressing Your Truth Beginner’s Guide

Tomorrow, you’ll get up and get dressed. And the next day. And the next day.

Will that experience leave you discouraged or excited?

Imagine looking in the mirror and loving what (and who) you see. Imagine having more confidence and attracting more success in all areas of your life. Imagine feeling good in every item you put on your body. Imagine a great hair day every day. Imagine having all that energy you used to spend despising yourself not free to pursue interesting challenges, creative pursuits, and living your purpose.

I know that Dressing Your Truth will make a huge difference for you—and not only in how you look and feel about yourself. It will also improve your self-confidence and literally improve every aspect of your life. I’ve seen it happen for thousands of women. I’m so excited for it to happen for you, too.

"Dressing Your Truth opened my heart to more love, more self care, and allowed me to feel more energy in my life to do other, more amazing things." —Tirza H, Type 3

I am excited for you to start Dressing Your Truth today!

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