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Bye-Bye Blemishes! How to Use Your Corrector Kit

Green, purple, and peach, what goes where?

Say bye-bye to blemishes and bags under your eyes!

This 3-in-1 corrector kit is definitely a lady’s best friend. Watch Anna K demonstrate how to use it.

She also explains which color covers which skin imperfection.

  • (00:32) Green
  • (00:57) Lavender
  • (01:31) Peach

Application: the how and where. (Remember, always start with your primer.)

  • (02:00) Say goodbye to those little (not)friends.
  • (04:48) Now it’s time to blend and cover.

What is your favorite way to use the corrector kit?

Products Anna K uses:
Corrector Kit
Duo Concealer Brush
Kabuki Brush
Makeup Blender (You may like the Buffer Foundation Brush even better)

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Video Transcript:

Hi, I’m Anna K, your Dressing Your Truth makeup expert. And today, we are going to be talking about the Corrector Kit. It’s weird because it’s purple, peach, and green, and we’ll get to that in just a second. I just want you to know I do not have any foundation on my face, I do have my eyes done, and I do have a little lippage, and I have some brows, but as far as the foundation, I’ve taken it all off. The only thing that I have on is my primer which is super important that you put that on before we get to this bad boy which is our Corrector Kit.

So green on the color wheel will counteract red, so these are for our fun little friends that come to visit, sometimes it’s once a month, sometimes it’s more, hate that, but I have like some fun guys up here, I’ve got this nice little scar down here on my neck that we’ll get to. See, he’s not cute. So we’re gonna get rid of him with some green because green counteracts red. So the next one is the lavender that we’re going to talk about which is this guy right here, and lavender is going to counteract the yellow so all the sallow kind of stuff that we get into, it’s also really good for bruises in case something hit your face. I don’t know, my mom got hit with a dumbbell once, you should ask her about it, it’s really, really funny story. Anyways, she had a huge bruise, and so we used some of the purple to help counteract some of that yellow bruising that happened. Also, some people just with the darker skin, I don’t really have a lot of sallow on my skin, but there’s people that do where they get underneath their eye, lavender is where you’re gonna wanna go for that.

The last but definitely not least because it’s one of my favs is the peach. Now, the peach is fantastic for the under-eye sideness that happens often in the morning, so the bags, the sunken in eye. This peach, fabulous, totally counteracts that, it’s worth the whole thing even if you don’t have any problems and need the purple or maybe you don’t have a lot of red in your face, this peach is fabulous for any under-eye issues that you may have. So let’s get started.

I’m going to just dab a little bit into the greens. Now, I like to put a little bit on my hand just to kind of get a little bit of the product off. Now, as I go in here I’m gonna have a kind of a light touch on my lovely face right here. And I’m just gonna dab where I have some red sadness. Friends that have come to visit that I want to leave, now. Take care of that guy, and then down here on my neck I don’t know if you can see this very well, but I have like some, these are scars and I hate them. So we just get rid of them just like that. Now, it looks like, you know, a mint Dracula bit me, then put some here, here. Maybe right there a little bit, we’ll get to that guy in a second. So I’ve just kind of dotted my face a little bit with this stuff. Little dab’ll do ya, this should last you quite awhile, and I just like going crazy because I can, because I so can right here. Yeah, and it’s really great for like redness around the nose, if you have a cold or if you just have that, sometimes we get that. Just around, and it kind of, it looks not like you don’t wanna go out like this because we’re not done, but I’m gonna clean off the brush just a little bit. And I’m gonna go to my peach. I love the peach.

Peachy, peachy, peachy keen. Let’s see. You dab that off. And I’m just going to go right underneath my eye. Now again, a little dab will do ya, you don’t need a ton of this stuff. And you just get that right under there, you don’t have to go too crazy, just, you know, right where the discoloration is. And this will correct all of that, thus Corrector Kit, get it? I know you do. And this brush is amazing, it’s like silk, I just wanna rub it on my face, it’s really, really soft. I heart it a lot. It might be like a double heart for me. And I like to get right here in the corners of the eyes also it kind of brightens it up just a wee bit. Tada, peach and it’s like kind of you can see how it’s brightened the eye and it’s taken away all that darkness. So now, I’m gonna go to my lovely lavender and I don’t have a lot of sallow in my skin but you can use it as a highlighter, so I’m just going to add a little bit here on my cheekbones to make me look a little more sexy, right? Because who doesn’t want that. All of us, everyone. I’m just gonna go like this just a little bit just like this, and if it runs into another color, it’s totally fine. Don’t worry about it, it’s gonna be fine.

Okay, so now, you’re a little bit of a hot mess. So how do we fix that? Beauty blender. Our, one of our best friends, next to the peach in this little display of makeup, I’ve got three favorites. Definitely the peach, beauty blender. I mean I might have, okay, I have four favorites, but there’s only like six products I have here. Whatever, they’re all great. Okay, so I’m just going to go through and with my beauty blender just blend it a little bit, and sometimes the point gets a little bit aggressive but don’t be afraid to use the end, it’s a nice little buffer. See, look at that. And I did blending, blend this guy right in. You don’t want to hit it too much because if you do, you’d take off too much product. So, you know, it’s a light hand, have a light hand, be nice to your face, you don’t wanna scratch it and bend it all up. Here we go, looking good. I can’t forget my, can’t forget this guy.

See, just a little bit. A little dab’ll do ya. Okay, so now I get to this point, and we can go to our foundation. Now, this foundation is super fantastic. I’m using the Mineral Liquid to Powder Foundation and I just like to put it right directly onto my hand. And again, not a whole lot, you don’t need a ton. And you know, less is more sometimes in these situations. So, I like to use the point. And again, it’s all about the dabbing. If you rub it in there, you’re gonna rub it right off and rub it right away.

So it’s just a matter of, I’m going to do this side so you all can take a gander and see what I’m talking about and how great it gives you that perfect correcting flawlessness, which we all want when we start our makeup so that we can have the flawless canvas. There’s half the face done. So now I’m ready to go to the next half.

Voila. There it is. Now, the only thing that we have to do to finish to have the perfect canvas to start our makeup is, you know I love this one it’s one of my favs. The two-way foundation that I love to use as a powder with my, this is my other favorite, kabuki brush. And this just really gives that even, even Steven fantasticness. Seriously, shut the sliding door, back door, front door. Shut it all. It looks great. And it really gives a nice, fantastic evenness that…oh, I gotta get my guys there they are. You can’t even see them now, can you see those? I can’t even see them. I love that. I love that my little friends left. And that my friends is how you do the Corrector Kit, so if you don’t have any of this stuff, the beauty blender, the actual Corrector Kit which you definitely need, our new fantastic concealer brush, awesomeness, kabuki, what else do we use? The two-way foundation, and tender beige, this was my color for the Mineral Liquid Powder Foundation. All of it. If you don’t have it, go get it. You’ll need it especially this, guys. So don’t be intimidated or afraid, and this is how you use it correctly. Experiment, get your brushes in there, test it out, try it and have a blast and look perfect, and correct it all.

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