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The #1 Secret to Creating a Unique Makeup Look? Add In Your Secondary!

Want to know the simplest way to add a beautiful, personal touch to your makeup look? Bring in your secondary!

I’ve been teaching for years that there is an easy way to bring in the movement of your secondary energy to create your own personal style.

Now let’s talk about how to apply these same principles to your makeup! No matter which Type you are, the makeup techniques and colors you choose will go even further when you tweak them in a way that honors your secondary energy.

Let’s go over how to do this with eyeshadow, eyeliner, and lips. You’ll be able to see how you can easily add your secondary energy with the concrete examples I share below.

Secondary Type 1 Makeup Tips

Type 1 Keywords: Light, fresh, animated

If your secondary is Type 1, you want to bring in a little bit of “fun” to your makeup.

  • Eyeshadow: Add a touch of sparkle, play with unexpected color combinations, and keep it light in the application. Use an angled brush to apply the shadow a little higher on your eyelid.
  • Eyeliner: Have fun with your eyeliner! Use unexpected colors for your eyeliner – blues, purples, greens! Keep it light in application and keep the line shorter – no more than 3/4 along the eye. Also adding a little sparkle – try layering a sparkly liner over any liner. Consider not adding liner under the eye to keep the movement upward and light.
  • Lips: Choose brighter colors to add a touch of pop on your lips. Play up your pout by adding a gloss or lipstick with sparkle and shine. 

Secondary Type 2 Makeup Tips

Type 2 Keywords: Soft, blended, subtle

If your secondary is Type 2, you want to bring in a little bit of “calm” to your makeup.

  • Eyeshadow: Choose lower contrast colors and use the blender brush to create a blended and diffused quality. 
  • Eyeliner: Consider using eyeshadow as the eyeliner to create a softer look. Use a liner brush to blend and smudge the eyeliner into the lash line to create a more blended quality.  
  • Lips: Blend the lip liner further into your lip area to create a soft connection the lipgloss or lipstick. Choose a creamy formula that will feel soft on your lips. Frosted or pearly lipsticks are a nice way to add subtle shine.

Secondary Type 3 Makeup Tips

Type 3 Keywords: Substantial, exotic, dynamic 

If your secondary is Type 3, you want to bring in a little bit of “richness” to your makeup.

  • Eyeshadow: You can add a little more product, use an angled brush to bring the product up on the eyelid creating a triangle.
  • Eyeliner: Apply the liner 1/2 to 3/4 along the eyelid, adding more product towards the end of the eye to create a more substantial line.
  • Lips: Be sure to use a lip liner to accentuate your lip line, and avoid blending it in too much. Consider layering lipsticks to create dynamic colors. 

Secondary Type 4 Makeup Tips

Type 4 Keywords: Bold, clean, precise 

  • Eyeshadow: Pair one darker color with two lighter colors to create a bold and clean look. Blend lightly so as not to mix the colors too much and keep the distinct colors.
  • Eyeliner: Consider using a felt tip or liquid liner to create a clean line. Choose darker colors in your Type’s color palette to create a bold statement. Try lining just the top of the eye to create a clean look. 
  • Lips: Use the Waterproof Lip Liner so you have a very clean lip liner line throughout the day. Try using a stronger color for a bold look. Finish off with a high shine gloss for a reflective stunning look.

See these techniques in action!

How to have the correct balance with your secondary makeup

Your secondary is the supporting role, and your makeup look will work best when it primarily expresses your dominant Energy Type. This is why it’s important to always use your dominant Type’s makeup colors! You want the correct colors to harmonize with your natural energy.

To find the right balance of dominant/secondary makeup, add just 1-2 of these tips into your makeup look.

A good practice to make sure you’re not overdoing your secondary energy in your makeup is to check the 5 keywords listed on the back of your Style Guide and see if your whole look expresses the movement of those keywords. 

Now that you have all the info to help you bring in your secondary, what tips are you excited to bring into today’s makeup routine?

I’d love to see your pictures in the comments!

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