Carol’s Morning Energy Routine: Empower Yourself in 2 Minutes

Imagine starting your day knowing that you are blessed in living your truth!

I invite you to follow along in the video below. As you do this routine each morning, you’ll see your days take on a completely different vibration.

I’ve had many requests from our community about how you can start your day in the best way possible. I’m going share exactly what I do: it’s an empowering, intentional, two-minute routine.

Want to hear more about the “why” behind each part of this routine? Watch this video from the archives!

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Carol’s Morning Energy Routine

1. Start with your hands above your head, breathing deeply, looking up to heaven. Imagine you’re receiving all the power of the Divine as it gently pours down into you.

2. With all five fingers touching, place your thumbs on the first four chakras starting at the crown, saying the following for each one:

  • I know my truth.
  • I see my truth.
  • I speak my truth.
  • I love my truth.

3. Rotate hands down, and place your little fingers on the solar plexus and sacral chakras, saying the following:

  • I act on my truth.
  • I pleasure in my truth.

4. Open hands, keeping thumb and forefinger together, finishing with the root chakra, saying the following:

  • I am grounded in my truth.

5. Push your hands down, grounding yourself to the earth.

6. Walk in place, saying:

  • I walk in my truth.

7. Throw out the red carpet of truth as you continue to walk.

8. Create a flow of energy by making figure 8’s with your hands, moving toward and then away from your body, saying:

  • I am attracting that which supports me in living my truth.

9. Place hands at heart center, taking deep breaths.


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