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Can You Guess the Types of These 6 Emmy Award Winning Celebrities?

We're profiling celebrities from some of your favorite shows!

What’s the Energy Type of these award-winning actors? Let’s find out!

#EnergyProfilingWithCarol is a fast-paced, interactive show where I walk you through the process of discovering someone’s Energy Type. This week we’re focusing on Emmy Award winners!

Great actors embody and bring to life the characters they are playing.  As you will see, they don’t necessarily have to share the Energy Type of the characters they portray in order to do it well. Is Henry Winkler as cool as “The Fonz”? Is Claire Foy naturally as regal as Queen Elizabeth? That’s what you’ll find out in this episode!

As you watch, you’ll learn more about face profiling and how you can correctly and confidently assess your own Type!

Henry Winkler – Type 1
Alex Borstein – Type 3
Rachel Brosnahan – Type 4
Claire Foy – Type 1
Peter Dinklage – Type 3
Jeff Daniels – Type 2

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