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From Wanting to End My Life to Celebrating My 61st Birthday

My healing journey can help you celebrate your own

Many years ago, I wanted to end my life.

At the age of 29, my state of health was very poor. I had daily thoughts of wanting to end my life. I know the experience of emotional despair, the mental anguish of the inability to control your thoughts, and the inner suffering that many people go through.

That was a dark and difficult time for me that I wondered if I would ever heal from.

Thanks to a loving God and my determined nature to find healing, I am celebrating a life of wellness and happiness today on my 61st birthday.

As we move toward the end of this year, I wanted to take a moment to support you in looking back this past year and see what you have to celebrate. You are a valued member of my community and I personally want to thank you for being a person who is committed to improving your life.

As you improve your life, others lives improve.

Thank you for being a person who is willing to look at yourself and make changes for the better.

Thank you for believing that transformation is possible for everyone.

Thank you for your loving heart and desire to make a difference in others lives.

Thank you for your service to your family, community and to the world.

My gifts to you on my birthday

I recently was invited by one of my favorite brands to share my healing journey.

As my gift to you on my 61st birthday, I’m sharing this touching video of my experience. May it inspire you and motivate you to create a beautiful outcome to whatever you feel challenged by right now. I’m grateful for the positive response from members of our community who have already watched it:

  • Such an inspiring video —Ruth
  • I saw this yesterday, incredibly powerful —Melissa
  • Fantastic. Real, Authentic, Powerful, Touching. Carol Tuttle, is so very generous and gifted. My life has been touched and changed and I am just getting started! —Veronica

I am especially proud of two resources that I had the opportunity to create for you this past year: The Carol Tuttle Healing Center that offers you over 100+ clearing and meditation sessions, and its companion book, Mastering Affluence.

Both of these resources will help you heal whatever challenges you are facing in a much shorter timeline than what it has taken me.

I am excited for 2019

You’ll be hearing a big announcement from me on January 10. It’s something I have been working on for several months that is a powerful resource to support your healing journey.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to support you this past year and years to come.

I wish you affluence, happiness, and peace.

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