How to Know If Your “Word of the Year” is True to Type

Choose a word that resonates with your nature!

Are you someone who chooses a new Word of the Year in January? It’s a popular practice that can be done just for fun, or it can be a supportive tool to guide your life!

What if your word helped you live more authentically and achieve great style at the same time?

A simple way to choose your word with ease.

Picking your word is simple when you know your Energy Type! The Energy Profiling system takes a deeper look at the four Energy Types, which go further than just personalities. The Beginner’s Guide is completely free and the best way to discover your Type. Start your free Beginner’s Guide here!

Then, look at the Word Portrait for each Type and choose one of the keywords that stands out to you.

A quick overview of today’s video:

(4:55) – Let’s go over the Type 1 Word Portrait. They have a light and bright quality to them. Type 1 energy moves upward and is animated.

(6:40) – Type 2 Word Portrait includes words that are fluid, flowing, relaxed—just like Type 2 energy, which is soft and subtle.

(8:19) – Type 3 energy is a push-forward, substantial quality. The Word Portrait includes words that are just as rich, dynamic, and determined.

(10:00) – Type 4 is a straightforward, structured, and stunning energy. The Word Portrait is full of bold words like dignified, exact, firm, regal, lavish, and so many more!

(11:27) -I share my 2020 Type Word of the Year! What do you think it is? Here’s why I chose it, and how it will support my style and my whole life.

(12:23) – How do you incorporate this word into your style? I share an easy tip that you can do multiple times a week to remind yourself.

It’s exhausting to not live true to yourself – I know.

Once you’ve decided on your word, set the intention: “I am _____ (insert your word of the year) and I am attracting to me that which is supportive to my highest and greatest good.”

I’ve put together your Energy Type’s keywords in easy-to-reference lists in Lifestyle:

Leave a comment below and share your Word of the Year!

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