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How to Pick Your “Style Word of the Year”

Choose a keyword to guide your style choices this year!

It’s a common tradition at the start of a new year to choose your “Word of the Year.” In Dressing Your Truth, let’s take this a step further and choose your “Style Word of the Year!”

The benefits of choosing a Style Word can help you hone your personal style.

The Experts weigh in on how choosing keywords can transform your style over the next 12 months!

Why Style Keywords Can Help You Hone Your Style

Type 1 Expert Jaleah shares how past keywords, “Bright and Playful” helped her: “Before DYT, I had a very neutral wardrobe. I was in tans, olive greens, browns, blacks, etc. So getting more bright and playful has been getting more successful over the years!”

Type 2 Expert Anne took the keyword “Comfortable” and transformed her wardrobe. “I whittled away at my closet and eliminated every item that was not comfortable. My wardrobe is the closest it has ever been to me being able to say, ‘I love everything in here!'”

I agree with Anne—I love everything I own! The biggest influence in honing my style are 4 words: “Yang-Yang-Yin-Yang.” Knowing my yin yang movement as a Type 3/4 and how to express that in my style has helped create outfits that I feel have been the most flattering on me in my 15 years of dressing my truth.

Kalista’s style words “Simple and Light” played a part in creating more happiness. She said, “I was making things harder than they needed to be, and it needs to be simple to be sustainable. I embraced my naturally wavy hair, threw out any clothing that was fussy or too stiff, selected a simple makeup set, and stopped “trying” and started “being.” I feel put-together, happier, and more at ease with my processes.”

Some Keywords Just Don’t Work—And That’s Okay!

I’ve had experiences where I tried out certain keywords, and they didn’t work out well. I still consider this a positive outcome because it helped me get clear on what does work!

For example, I have given up “plush.” This fabrication is just too soft for me and I know now not to try and make it work. No more plush vests, jackets, sweaters, or pull-overs!

Type 3 Expert Sarah had a similar experience—even with a Type 3 keyword. “Edgy. I try and bring it in, but the items I get that are too edgy just don’t get worn that much.”

What Did the Experts Choose for 2020?

Jaleah: “Daring. Daring to do more and add more that will feel perfect for me!”

Anne: “Intuitive. This word speaks to the desire for my style to be effortless and something that doesn’t take mulling over. My intuition will guide my shopping, purchases, and the way I assemble outfits. As I let my intuition lead, my personal style will be a clear representation of who I am on the inside.”

Sarah: “Quality is my word. I feel like it’s my tendency to be fast and cheap when selecting items. I’m excited to add more high-quality items to my wardrobe and let go of the lower quality. I’m willing to spend a little more to get things that really support me.”

Kalista: “Polished. Now that I have a clearer sense of what is in alignment with my lifestyle and preferences, I can now polish and refine my style and make it more personalized, more me.”

For me, I have 2 words: “put together.” Since learning how to style my yin yang movement, I have become increasingly aware when I don’t feel put together. With my growing beauty sixth sense, I know when it’s right I’ll look “put together” and feel great.

Now it’s your turn! What will your 2020 “Style” Word of the Year be?

I’ve put together your Energy Type’s keywords in easy-to-reference lists in Lifestyle:

Leave a comment below and share your Style Word of the Year!

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