How to Clean Makeup Brushes (Without Ruining Them!)

You use your makeup brushes day in, day out, until… ew, gross.

Pigment and powder can’t help but build up. And dirty makeup brushes simply don’t work as well. Let’s get your brushes clean!

DYT Makeup Expert Anna K shows you how to clean makeup brushes without ruining the bristles or glue, so they last longer and keep their shape. (Anna K says she usually cleans makeup brushes in the shower, but this video is shower-free!) See how easy it is:

The tools you use make a huge difference in creating the look you want. Anna K searched for high-quality makeup brushes to bring out your true beauty. Try them today!

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BONUS TUTORIAL: Anna K didn’t just find you the best new makeup brushes. When they arrived in the store, she teamed up with the DYT Experts to show you how to use them!

Watch to see brush techniques for all 4 Types of beauty—including apple cheeks, blended eyes, and the most precise bold lip you’ve ever seen.


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