How Your Daily #ClueBombs Reveal the Truth of Who You Are

Learn how these #cluebombs can help you discover your true self

Do you know what a Carol #cluebomb is?

Meet 4 guests who all got #cluebombed by me about their Energy Types:

  • Deana, a stunning Type 4 woman who thought she was a Type 2 – because she interpreted her reflective nature as emotional and feeling.
  • Kristen, a dynamic Type 3 woman who thought she was a Type 1 – because she was bubbly and loved sparkles!
  • Jessica, a lovely Type 2 woman who was questioning whether or not she was a Type 1 because she loves to have fun.
  • Diane from Denmark, a bright Type 1 woman who wanted to be a Type 4 because she liked the structured clothes.

Did you know you clue bomb yourself every day?

Learn how to see these clues and why you may be missing them when they are so obvious. Share in a comment what you discovered from today’s show!

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