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Are You a Type 3 (Who Doesn’t Want to Be a Type 3)? Ginger’s Before & After

I’m often asked which assessment tool in my Energy Profiling system is the most accurate.

Of the 5 tools, I teach that face profiling and body language are the most accurate way to determine your dominant Energy Type.

I created the CYT videos to help you see what I see.

I use face profiling and body language to help women determine their correct Energy Type when they’ve mistyped themselves. I know if everyone could understand the movement I see in someone’s natural facial expressions and body language, everyone would assess themselves correctly.

Ginger came to me thinking she was a Type 2, yet her facial features and body language don’t express a Type 2 energy. Watch and learn what Type Ginger’s facial features, hands, and body language express.

And, make sure to watch to the end when Ginger returns a few weeks later fully dressing her truth. You’ll be amazed at her transformation.

To learn more about the mechanics of Face Profiling, make sure to watch Face Profiling 101. It’s amazingly accurate!

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