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How Do You Celebrate Halloween & What That Says About You

What Halloween clues are you giving yourself?

How you celebrate Halloween (or not) tells you a lot about your Energy Type.

#EnergyProfilingWithCarol is a fast-paced, interactive show where I walk you through the process of discovering your Energy Type. This week, we’re talking about the spookiest time of year! Your preferences and how you choose to celebrate gives you clues about who you are.

In this episode, I reveal what I do to celebrate Halloween and then discuss the tendencies of each Type.

Then, I visit with two women who are followers of my work that are at different stages in their Energy Profiling experience.

My first guest is a Type 3 violinist, Stephanie. She shares how her fast-paced, fiery energy is expressed through her music.  Then, she shares her tip for how other women can also discover their own Type beauty and create a style that’s truly their own.

My other guest, Ann, has come to me hoping for some Type support. She explains how there’s a lot of one particular Energy Type in her family.  As a result, she’s not able to clearly see her own. You won’t believe what I tell her. It’s a shocker! Will she accept it?

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