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Depression & Self-Doubt – How It Shows Up in Each Type of Person

Find out what depression looks like for different people & how to move past it

What does depression look like—and what can you do to feel better when you’re living with it?

This episode of #EnergyProfilingWithCarol is all about self-doubt and how it can turn into depression. I welcome four guests, one from each of the 4 Energy Types as they share how the Healing Center has played a significant role in their stories of healing.

Meet each of these Lifestyle guests and see if you can relate to their challenges:

  • Benice, Type 1, whose heavy and traumatic childhood prevented her from accepting her true Energy Type
  • Colleen, Type 2, who had taken shelter in her secondary Type 4 in search of strength and control
  • Maggie, Type 3, how she moved past intense postpartum depression when nothing else was working
  • Megan, Type 4, whose anxiety repeatedly showed up as anger and, as a result, transformed into depression

What do you want support in healing? Leave a comment below and share your takeaway from this show!

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