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Every Type of Beautiful: Special Mother-Daughter Evening With Carol

Four moms and their young daughters: how DYT improved their relationship!

Four women and their young daughters join me in the studio to talk about how Dressing Your Truth changed their lives and improved their mother-daughter relationship.

I’m on a mission to help women and girls feel confident about their true selves.

A few stories you’ll enjoy in this event:

  • How Dressing Your Truth nixed criticism and added laughter to Sheryl and Rachel’s relationship
  • Why Katherine mis-Typed herself—but then gained confidence in who she really is
  • What helped Michelle’s daughters develop healthy self-esteem during their formative years
  • How Dressing Your Truth helped Jen parent her children, including her youngest daughters who are only 5 and 9
  • How Deborah came to accept the flow of her daughters’ Energy Types instead of pushing them

(We apologize, but the AfterShow is no longer available to watch)

You’ll see how their advice applies to every woman, at any age. How does it speak to you now?

Resources to support your mother-daughter relationship:

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