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Fresh Summer Makeup Looks with New Colors for Your Type!

New summer season = New summer makeup (Get ready to be surprised!)

Summer’s here and the time is right for you to have a new fresh makeup style!

Have summer sunset style with the new Dressing Your Truth summer makeup collections. Type 1s will be giddy for the new golden tints. Type 2s will swoon for the soft “warmer” tones. Type 3s will fall crazy in love with rich pinks and browns. And Type 4s will be astonished at the new natural neutral options. These new colors are unlike anything offered before!

Watch the video for your Type of beauty as your DYT Expert walks you through a simple, yet dazzling new summer makeup look. Featuring new items and a few classic favorites.

Type 1, try something new with Jaleah’s sunkissed and golden glowing look. 

  • (1:01) Eyes, (6:28) Lips, (7:23) Cheeks

Type 2, create a soft inviting summer-sunset look with Anne’s “warmer” tones.

  • (1:50) Eyes, (11:36) Cheeks, (12:17) Lips

Type 3, go for the gold, and pink, with Anna K’s sunset-golden-hour look.

  • (00:40) Eyes, (6:08) Cheeks, (6:35) Lips

Type 4, be unconventional and out-of-the-box with Kalista’s dewy, neutral & natural “nude” look. 

  • (00:37) Eyes, (4:22) Cheeks, (6:29) Lips

Try something new with your makeup this summer!

Shop the new summer makeup collections in the DYT online store!

Brushes used:

Type 1 makeup used:

Type 2 makeup used:

Type 3 makeup used:

Type 4 makeup used:

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