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Your Ultimate Guide to Choosing Round Brushes

Have you ever noticed the different brush sizes in the store and wondered if it really even matters? If you have long hair, short hair or medium-length hair, then you may be wondering how you can control the hairstyle to achieve the desired result. This blog will cover how to choose the perfect brush size and what the different round brushes are for.

Brush Size Definitely Matters

Choosing the right round hairbrush is going to give your hair the look you want (as long as you use the brush appropriately). You can achieve your desired end result by using the tools best suited for the job. When people design hairbrushes, they choose different sizes for a reason. You will get different results with varying types of brushes, bristles and handles.

You can use round brushes to get volume in your hairstyle (see our tutorial on how to use round brushes). Use it while blow drying your wet hair to create curls or waves. The tightness of those curls or waves will largely depend on the brush size you choose, much like a curling iron. A lot of it will also come down to your hair type. But, keep reading to learn more about what a round brush offers!

Qualities of a Great Hair Brush

I know the round brushes all look so similar it’s hard to tell them apart! We get lots of questions about how to choose the right hairbrush, but there really are some pretty big differences in the outcomes you will get. Here are some guidelines for the top three sizes.

Penetration of the Hair

Some brushes won’t get beyond the first layer in what they reach. You don’t want to only smooth the top, or you leave a lot of tangles in the underneath layers. A good round brush is going to work through all the layers in the section of hair you are working on with yoru blow dryer. If the brush doesn’t penetrate, you won’t get all of the hairs in line for that section.

Tension for the Right Style

You need enough tension in the bristles that they achieve the desired style for your dry hair. If the bristles are too soft, they won’t be able to pull on the hair with the right amount of pressure.

Control Throughout the Process

As you work through the hair, you want to have control over the outcome. Practice using the brush to pull just enough and control the shape of your curls or waves. Eventually, the process will start to get more manageable, and you will learn how to handle the outcome.

Guide to Selecting a Round Brush

Ready to choose the perfect brush? The right round brush comes down to more than just size alone. Here is what you should look for in the round brush ideal for your needs.

The Right Size for Your Brush

If the hair doesn’t wrap around the brush, you won’t get the desired lift you want. Aim for hair stretching around your largest brush at least one or two times. This is going to give the bend in the hair to create volume.

What Materials Make the Right Brush?

Not all brushes are the same-even in terms of bristles! There are two kinds of bristles we like to see on our brushes.

Boar BristleWhen choosing the right brush, we find boar bristles can really help add shine and smoothness to the hair. A boar bristle brush grips the hair just enough for a little extra control. It will naturally smooth the oils of the hair down the shaft for more even distribution.

Nylon BristleWhile we don’t recommend an entirely synthetic brush, adding nylon bristles can help with increasing the smoothness and shine of the hair. These bristles can also really help create extra volume in the hair.

You can also find brushes with combination bristles (mixed bristles). These mixed bristles can be helpful in medium-sized round hairbrushes.

Construction Benefits of a Hairbrush

Having a one-piece lightweight brush is going to be fantastic down the road because it will hold up. You want a brush you can hold above your head for hours at a time. It is also helpful when the construction of the round tool keeps it intact. A brush that is able to break in half is bound to do so on your hair at the worst possible time.

I really love brushes made out of Beachwood because they are light and sturdy at the same time.

What Size of Round Hairbrush Should I Use?

At first, it might seem overwhelming. However, there are really three basic sizes of round brushes. Each brush serves its own purpose.

Small Round BrushGreat for bangs, fine hair and short hair, this brush is going to create smaller curls and more body.

Medium Round BrushIdeal for getting the roots lifted for longer locks and thick hair curl to medium-length hair.

Large Round brushPerfect for longer, thick hair that requires a larger brush. If you are getting your brush caught in your hair as you try to style it, then a larger version is likely needed.

Tips for Using Round Brushes on Your Hair

There are several tips that will help you use your round brush correctly. Without the proper approach, your brush will easily get tangled in the hair, and the method will not work as planned. If you want to use a round brush successfully, then you should check out these important notes.

Start by sectioning off clean hair to reduce the time spent on each part and improve the overall shape of your hair. It may take a little more time to section each part, but it will give you the most control over the end result and dry faster as you go.

Choose a professional round brush that is compatible with a blow-drier. You don’t want your brush to melt while you are trying to use it under a heat setting.

Wavy Look by wrapping your hair around a larger round brush and drying it before releasing it.

Straight hair by using the hairdryer in tangent with the brush-pulling out to evenly delay dry.

These are all-natural and non-invasive options to help style and control your hair. How you use the brush will also depend a bit on your hair type.

Other Recommended Brushes to Use on Your Hair

A round brush isn’t the only tool that will help you have more control over styling your hair. Here are some other recommendations if you think the round brush offers potential help.

Sculpting BrushWe really love a good small sculpting brush, which is a small flat brush that will help you control the drying angle. This cushion brush should be gentle on the hair and perfect for flipping the top section back and forth as you dry.

Wide-Toothed Comb: The right comb is going to help remove tangles without getting too caught in the hair. Curly hair does exceptionally well with the wide-tooth comb. We prefer our comb that is made with the same material as sunglasses in order to ensure it doesn’t irritate the skin on your scalp. Our wide-tooth comb also is handcrafted, allowing you to support a crafter.

Are you ready to get started with the perfect brush set? Check out the link below!

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