How Do Type 1’s Express Themselves?

The Animated Bunch: What are some ways Type 1's show their nature?

What are some fun qualities that Type 1’s just naturally express?

When we’re not thinking about who we “should” be, that’s when we effortlessly and naturally express our Energy Type. We don’t overthink. We don’t edit. We just live true to ourselves!

Do all Type 1’s share similar expressive qualities across the board? Yes, they do!

Think about it. You’re fun, you’re spontaneous, you’re random and adaptable. So you’re naturally going to express certain behaviors, words, and phrases that show your light and bright nature!

In this video, I talk about the similar ways Type 1’s express themselves:

(2:48) – Popular words, phrases, and texting tendencies

(6:00) – A way that many Type 1’s laugh

(8:00) – Doodling

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