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Do You Say These Words? They May Show Your Energy Type!

Words are powerful. Just as our thoughts create an energy of their own, the words we use also have a distinct energy.

In my years of assessing people based on the 4 Types of Energy Profiling, I’ve noticed that people of each Energy Type prefer certain words to others, especially when they’re commenting on something they like or when they’re agreeing with someone.

What words do each Energy Type say?

  • Type 1

    The favorite word is FUN—said with excitement and enthusiasm with an upward, light, playful inflection in the voice.

    For example: “That is so fun!” means you like something or appreciate it.

  • Type 2

    The favorite word is COOL—said in a less-obvious, more subtle way in a calm voice without much inflection.

    For example: “Oh, that’s cool!” means you think something is nice and enjoyable.

  • Type 3

    The favorite word is AWESOME—said with passion, punch, and projection.

    For example: “That’s awesome!” means you’re really excited about something. I find myself saying that out of nowhere while thinking, I am such a Type 3!

  • Type 4

    The favorite word is EXACTLY, with a close-second being PERFECT—said in a very matter-of-fact way with no inflection in the voice.

    For example: “Exactly” represents agreement. Is there really anymore that needs to be said?

    (I have noticed a pattern of Type 1 women who are married to Type 4 men using the word “exactly” since they’ve adapted some of their language to match their Type 4 partner’s word choices).

Do your words express your Energy Type?

Anyone can say any of these words—and they do! But each Energy Type typically expresses their common words more frequently and more true to their nature. It’s how each person uses the words that really makes a difference.
For instance, I say the word “fun,” but not as often and certainly not in the same way as a dominant Type 1 person would.

You may not know how often you say these words true to your Type, so take time to do a little self-study and see what words you use frequently.
Leave a comment below and share whether or not you use the words of your Energy Type!


PS: Your Energy Type is expressed in all areas of your life—oftentimes without you even realizing it! I invite you to see if your reading habits, your shopping tendencies, and yes, even your handwriting reflect your true nature!

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