Female Hormone Issues: How to Heal & Prevent Them! #EnergyProfilingWithCarol

How to balance your life by balancing your hormones.

Hormones issues. That’s just something normal that every woman has to live with—or is it?

Too many women are being by hormone issues. Are you one of them? Join me and my guest, Magdalena, The Thyroid Diet Coach, as she teaches you how to boost your energy and mood, lower inflammation, gain strength, and restore a healthy weight.

Here’s a quick list of what we covered in today’s show:

(13:00) – Weak bones, hot flashes, and PMS—sound familiar? Magdalena shares the power of preventative procedures you can start to take right now to prevent and heal these hormone issues. Learn how to get to the root of what causes these symptoms.

(18:25) – Magdelena’s tips about removing these 3 foods will get you started on rebalancing your hormones immediately! This change in breakfast alone can change your life.

(26:00) – Can stress and trauma play a role? YES! We also talk about how changes to sleep and skincare make a difference in your health.

(27:00) – Some women feel overwhelmed by the idea of making these lifestyle changes, but here’s why I believe you’re living in the best time to fix your hormones!

(31:00) – We take live questions from the viewers: What if you no longer have a thyroid? Does your skin change for the better when you balance your hormones? How much does sleep impact your hormones? And many more!

(37:00) – Magdelena shares her final tip to help you listen to your body and transition into different hormonal phases in your life as a vibrant, healthy woman—instead of feeling burdened and drained.

Let’s help you balance your hormones in a simple way.

Start your Estrogen Reset today!

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