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How Can I Get Someone to Tell Me My Type?

How to get the answers you need!

“How can I just get someone to tell me my Type?”

As the creator of Energy Profiling and Dressing Your Truth, I hear this all the time! But since I’m really the only person who has the expertise to tell someone that information, it makes way more sense for me to provide you with tools and resources to help YOU figure it out!

I’m going to teach you the exact steps to take so you can know your Type for sure.

First, let’s cover the most common mistakes you may be making when trying to determine your Type!

What Not To Do:

  • Ask for feedback in Facebook groups
  • Try out all the 4 Types to see which colors look best on you
  • Listen to someone who knew about Energy Profiling before you did
  • Ask your friends for input
  • Post photos or video on social media to see what other people think

When you hear this list, have you done any of them? (If so, don’t worry! I’m here to help guide you to the correct resources.)

Now Let’s Talk About What You Can Do:

1. Start here: How to Determine Your Type. Everything’s laid out there for you! It helps you get the bigger picture of Energy Profiling and understand the whole system.

2. Take my FREE Beginner’s Guide!

3. One of my most popular videos, because it’s so helpful! A Powerful Process to Determine Your Type

4. The #1 Most Accurate Assessment Tool: Facial Profiling. Watch all 4 videos for each Type!

Bonus info – I share the “default Type” most women think they are. I call it the Black Hole of Mis-Typing. (Go to 6:30 in the video for this!)

Affirmation: “I know who I am. I trust who I am. And I’m knowing my Type clearly, and I’m living it confidently.”

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