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The Best Way to Shape and Define Your Brows

Are you skipping any of these 5 steps?

Have you been skipping out on your eyebrows? Afraid of doing them wrong?

Well-shaped and defined eyebrows frame your face and balance your complete makeup look. With these few simple tools and the correctly matched brow powder, Anna K will have you feeling confident with your expert eyebrow know-how. You’ve got this! (See Anna K’s side-by-side with and without at 5:30)

5-Step Brow Kit How-To:
  1. (00:45) Tweezers. What the bump shape is for and why you should keep these in your car.
  2. (02:08) Compact Face and Brow Blade. How this takes care of all those little fuzzies (great for more than just your brows)
  3. (03:15) Brow Duo Brush. What each side is for and why starting in the middle is key.
  4. (07:38) Brow Powder (not included, but get it here). How to select the correct color – it’s all in the roots.
  5. (07:58) Brow Set. You might be tempted to skip this step, but don’t!

Having the brows you’ve always wanted is easier than you think!

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Video Transcript

Brows are everything. So, if you’ve been skipping out on your brows, we have put together a kit for you that will make your brows absolutely complete and your makeup fabulous.

In this fantastic brow kit, we have put together for you, we have some fantastic products. The first are these tweezers, the second is going to be our blow blade, and the third is our duo brush, fourth, brow fix. I’m gonna throw some color on, and of course, you can pick out your own color. Let’s start with the tweezers. The tweezers are fantastic. If you notice on these tweezers it has this little bump right there, and that is so that you can gain a little more control with your pinchingness. So you can pinch it absolutely perfectly, and it is a very, very, very fine tip, so you can really get in there and get those little ones that just don’t wanna come. This one instantly can grab it quickly and easily. I’m gonna show you that right here. Now I do this edge so that it’s against my skin, and I just pull a little bit, make it a little tight, and then get in there and get it. And I kind of…There’s a lot of little blonde hairs around there for me, so I just kind of randomly pinch around it to see if I can get it, and I can feel it. It happened, I promise. Okay. This side, I do have this one right here, got it. And it’s just really great because it just can get those tiny, tiny, tiny ones that are super annoying. Now, I like to pluck my eyebrows in my car because it’s surround light. You’ve heard of surround sound, there’s also surround light, and you have light coming from all directions, so you’re really able to see all those teeny tiny little blonde hairs, and then, of course, the darker ones and you’re super great to get this tweezer because it is so fine, wonderful. Love the tweezer.

Next, we’re going to use, is this blade, the Brow Blade. And I love this because it kinda just takes care of all of this right here. So, I don’t have to be so careful, but careful enough I don’t have to pluck all of it. And I like to go against the grain a little bit, and it just gets rid of all the little fuzzies, it gets rid of any sort of unibrow action that we have going on. It just helps tame it all. Now I go right in here along this bone just to really kind of define. The Brow Blade is fantastic and it can like to take care of your lip, it can take care of your eyebrows, a lot of different things. Now, the blade does dull after a while, so you’re gonna want to replace it. If you’re using it every week, I would probably replace it every three months, just to give it a fresh new, keep it clean, make sure that it has a good, solid blade on there because it does wear down after time. So that’s something to consider. Love this product though, amazing. Just, I mean, can you see that? It’s so great. It’s like perfect. All right, color.

So, the Duo brush is fantastic because it does two things. Two-in-one, we love it. First, what I do is I kind of put my brows in a place that I’m gonna like it. Now, I don’t have any color on right now, but this just kinda puts it in. It’s the right spot. Now, sometimes it won’t stay there, but that’s what graphics is all about. We’ll get to that in a second. I’m gonna just go ahead and use the color that I like with the, now this is a boar’s bristle on the end, so it’s a little stiffer. It definitely is stiffer. So, this is not something you want to put eyeshadow on with, for sure not, but you’re going to want to use your eyebrow powder. And I just kinda tap it and then I usually tap it here. Now, I do like to put the brow powder in the middle right where my arch is, where I start because then I can work that product over to where it begins here, and it’s not overly product. And this brow brush really does a great job of putting it on. And if you do little strokes like I’m doing right here, it looks like little hairs are kind of drawn there. It gives a really great shade, shadow underneath your actual brow. So, I still have my arch right here, which is right where it should be. It ends right here, right where it should be and it starts right there. Now, I just want to end with a little bit of residue that’s on the end of this. Just kind of add a little more definition.

Now, brows are really, really all over the map right now. So you can have a very defined line right up the front, you can have bigger ones, you can have ones that are thicker here and tapered down. It’s kinda to your preference and your face shape. Try a couple of different ways of doing it. I think that you’ll find one that works for you. I really like just kind of the natural, I don’t wanna throw away the brow, but I want it to stand out enough that it shapes the eye and gives the eyes the chance to sparkle. It’s not about the brow for me, but it might be about the brow for you, or maybe just a day, or a fancy date, or somewhere you’re going that you wanna try out a bigger, better, stronger arched brow. You can see the difference between my two eyebrows. So this one’s a little bit more finished. It’s definitely a little darker. It shapes the eye. It helps to bring it forward, my actual eye, and not so much about the eyebrow. I love eyebrows because it really does kinda give that nice, finished, last-second done look. When you don’t have your eyebrows done, I mean, you can see. Which eye looks better? This one or this one? Totally looks better, yeah. And it just finishes the whole makeup look, which is really great.

Now, this brush, again, I can’t tell you enough how much I love the boar’s bristles, because, they are a lot stiffer and they’re really short. So you can see how short that is. It gives it a chance to kinda get, really get in there, into that skin without it fluffing, and flaking, and spattering all over the place. This brush really holds the makeup nicely so that it’s able to go on very nicely. I’ve tried a lot of brow brushes and I’ve noticed that this one holds onto the makeup where others seems to like make it, I don’t know, like fans out, the color kind of fans out and then you get these little spots, and then you’re wiping away stuff. I think you know what I’m talking about. This one really, really holds onto it very nicely, and you can see like, there’s not color flying everywhere. I really love it.

Now, I just want to add, you’ve got to match too, so you can see that this shape’s a little bit different than this one, and both eyes will be different. I like to try and get them as close together or as close matching as possible. And that about does it. I think. What do you think? Yeah, I like it. Now, I used taupe, the color taupe. I like that it’s a little bit darker. It seems to go on really well. So make sure that you find a color that works nicely with you. So when I pick an eyebrow color, I always pick it really close to what my roots are, what my natural color is. And your eyebrows will tell you that, if it doesn’t, then just go back to your baby pictures, or when you were younger, you can see what your roots were, what the color of your hair was, and just go two shades darker than the color of your hair or try to match it as close to your roots as possible. And that gets you about in the right color.

We’ve made this beautiful eyebrow shape, and we’ve got our color just right, we’ve got everything just in the perfect place. Now we want it to stay that way. So, in order to do that, we use brow fix. Now, this is a step that you’re gonna wanna skip because it’s like, urgh, another step, I can’t believe it. But really you don’t wanna skip this one. I know Carol loves this because it helps keep everything in place, perfectly, all day long. You don’t have to think about it again. Not even a thought. I mean, you might think about it, like you pass by a mirror and go, “Oh, I look amazing. My eyebrows haven’t moved. Not even a little bit.” And that’s because of brow fix, and it just makes it stay perfectly. And this is the place right here too where you can really get that shape really defined and make it everything that it needs to be all day long, voilà. And you can see, I didn’t even use a ton of product. A little bit does go a long way. It is fabulous. A must-have. This is the beautiful, fantastic brow kit. A really, really must-have, it does finish everything and makes it absolutely, your makeup, perfect. Like it should be one of the last things you do. And, bam, there you are, you have it. How do I look? What do you think? You should try this. All of you should try this. So, get the kit, get your color, and have some fun.

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